Pufies Fashion Collection, for modern moms and happy babies

Pufies Fashion Collection, for modern moms and happy babies

For the first time, your baby's diapers can be considered real clothes! Inspired by the most popular fashion trends, the Pufies Fashion Collection diaper models will stimulate your imagination to match your outfit with that of your little one.

Pufies Fashion Collection prides itself on:

  • the well-known quality and safety of Pufies diapers;
  • 40 fantastic models in a variety of fashion styles.

Look for new Pufies Fashion Collection packaging (Midi, Maxi and Junior measures). In each package you can find two different models.

Here are the 4 trends presented in the Pufies Fashion Collection:

Flowered garden

Inspirational floral designs of these patterns will make your baby look exactly like a little flower! Match the diaper with a dress, a tiara or a colored brooch.

Back in high school

Created in the style of English colleges, everyone will recognize the colorful tiles on your baby's diaper. The bell skirt, suspenders and tie are must-have accessories!

Funk Art

Paris, London and New York, the fashion capitals, can be found and combined in expressive colors to make your baby an image of fashion. Colored sunglasses and extravagant accessories fit perfectly!

Vintage Club Remix

The alternative style of the 80s comes to life in these models, taking your baby into the disco generation atmosphere. It combines contemporary disco models with your urban style: sports shoes, jeans and a large and colorful bag.

Take part in Pufies and

Upload a picture with your little one and then complete the outfit with your favorite Pufies Fashion Collection diaper pattern. Thus, you signed up for the photo contest!

Tell us what your style of clothing is, why you like it so much and which of the 4 trends in the Pufies Fashion Collection best suits your style and your child's? Be it Vintage Club Remix, Funk Art, Back to High School or Flower Garden? One of the Jumbo Pufies Fashion Collection packages may be yours. Participate!