A Stormy Night, a show of living statues

A Stormy Night, a show of living statues

The living statues show "A Stormy Night" is a show staged by the Masca Theater.

A world we knew before, lives under our eyes, displaying the strong feelings of love and hatred, intense experiences that come easily and easily, as the representation unfolds, beneath the immaculate white of some, in essence, innocents. marble statues.

Jupan Dumitrache, timber and captain in the Civil Guard, goes to the show at Union Garden with Veta, your sister and Zita, his sister-in-law. Very attentive to his honor as a family member, he notes that Rica Venturiano looks too closely at his ladies. This story is told in detail by his colleague, the hypocrite Nae Ipingescu. Rica had actually fallen in love with Zita, from whom she receives a ticket by which she is invited to her home. Confusing the numbers at the Rica gate, he lands at Dumitrache's house, stirring up a scandal.
All is well when it ends well because Veta remains with her lover Chiriac, Zita forgets Tircadau, her ex-husband, too drunk and mittens and stays with Rica. Spiridon, the boy in the house remains with his cigarettes, Nae Ipingescu reads "The voice of the national patriot" without saying anything, and the Dumitrache pupil remains a great defender of his honor as a family member.

The show from Union goes on, with the sun, with the world!

Directed by: Mihai MALAIMARE
Set design: Sanda MITACHE
Music: Cristian VLAD


Jupan Dumitrache - Sorin DINCULESCU

Ipingescu - Cosmin CREtU

Veta - Anamaria PiSLARU

Quote - Dora IFTODE

Chiriac - Valentin MIHALACHE

Spiridon - Emilia MANEA

Rica Venturiano - Cristian NEACSU

Tircadau - Nicolae PUNGA

Photographer - Robert POIANA

Union Dancers - Alina CRAITA

Union Dancers - Ana SIVU DAPONTE

Union Dancer - Oana DRAGNEA

Caragiale - Mihai MALAIMARE

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