5 tips for your hair to enjoy the sun

5 tips for your hair to enjoy the sun

5 tips for your hair to enjoy the sun

Outside are over 30 degrees. So, it's already summer. Protective creams, SPF makeup and sun hats. Or products with the role of protective shield.

"Be kind to yourself and don't neglect your hair. Don't leave it scorched by the scorching sun. It's important to know that hair needs summer care when we cross the city, not just when lazing on the beach," he says Ovidiu Cristea, Brand Ambassador Sebastian Professional

Extra hydration

Hair needs additional hydration, provided by shampoos and masks for intense hydration. An example? Sebastian Professional's HYDRE range.

Concentrated formulas

Then, if you are going on a waterfront vacation already, you need more concentrated elixirs. See Sp LuxeOil

Feeding and restoring

Sea salt water in combination with sun exposure can cause hair drying and excessive sensitization of the hair cuticle. The solution? Sebastian Professional Penetrait.

Wear your hair caught

Avoid going to the beach with your hair in the wind, because you'll be sorry later. You choose with inspired hair, but also with a sensitized scalp. Opt for a hat, a bandana, a scarf.

Soft paint

In summer, opt for semi-permanent paints without ammonia. Because later you will protect your color with the shampoos and conditioner in the range Color Ignite Mono / Multi Sebastian Professional.