Radio Romania Junior celebrated at home

Radio Romania Junior celebrated at home

The Radio Romania Junior team returned home after participating in the New York Festivals International Radio Programs and Promotions Awards to receive the prestigious "Best Online Radio" Award.

In a press conference organized at the headquarters of Radio Romania, the members of the youngest newcomer to the Romanian public radio family delighted those present with a sumptuous show of light, sound and costumes, whose essential message was: "Sa we save the childhood! "
Welcomed also by the colleagues from Radio Romania and the guild colleagues, Junior, Professor Azet, Zana Balerina, Zana Norilor, Actress Gabriela, Jo and Andreea Explorator, revealed only a small part of the "Junior Universe", a universe where the little ones and the little ones great ones can play and learn in a safe, current, creative and fun virtual world.
Present at the press conference, András István Demeter, president general manager of the Romanian Broadcasting Society, congratulated the entire Radio Romania Junior team as well as Radio Romania New Media, of which he is a member, mentioning that: "The public radio station has a certain speech for children. A year ago, we decided to emphasize a little bit the path that the colleagues from Radio 3Net opened and to launch an initiative called Radio Romania Junior. Where they came with the imagination and freedom you saw and In order to accentuate this imagination and this freedom, the Junior Universe is happening in the Internet universe, but I would not like Radio Romania Junior to remain only on the Internet and we think that maybe we will find a more terrestrial dimension. through an FM transmission. "

Carmen Ionescu, the director of the Editorial Production Department, wished her, in turn, to welcome this young member of the publishing family Radio Romania. "Creativity, joy, imagination ... you've all seen them here. But what I would like to point out is the human side of this team. They were with us when we had to address children who were less cheerful and less happy. The juniors were with us at the children from Valea Plopului and there I saw them how they managed to bring smiles to their girls. "
"It's so good to start from the top!" was the remark of the jury of the New York Festivals International Radio Programs and Promotions Awards when they gave our colleagues from Radio Romania Junior the "Best online radio" award, knowing that only on November 1, 2011, this only public online radio station intended for children began to emit. "We will definitely win next year!" it was the promise from the end of the press conference of the team of filmmakers waiting for you to access and ... save your childhood!

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