The first NERF camp in the world is organized in Romania!

The first NERF camp in the world is organized in Romania!

This spring, children have the chance to win places in the NERF Camp, the most fun summer camp!

NERF, one of the most popular brands of games in the world, is organizing this summer in Romania a camp dedicated to children between the ages of 8 and 12. The NERF camp will be a unique experience for children, giving them 6 days of fun, dynamic activities with children of their age and unforgettable memories of summer vacations.

The NERF camp will take place during the period July 21 - 26 in Bran mountain resort, where children will participate in team games, themed evenings, creative tests and hikes in the surroundings of Bran, all under the supervision of specialized coordinators.

All the activities in the NERF Camp are specially designed to involve, stimulate and develop children's skills, combining fun with learning through a balanced program, created by specialists in communication with children: psychologists, coaches and animators.

The day activities will be held outdoors and will include games and team workouts to the delight of the little ones: treasure hunt, target shooting, basketball contest, spy game, stafet, flag capture and many more. In this program, NERF sports and blasters will team up to stimulate children to be active and to socialize, having a great time. In addition, children will learn a lot of useful things: mountain exploration and survival, space orientation, first aid, collaboration and communication with comrades.

And the relaxation will also be done in the team: at the end of the day program, the children will participate in themed evenings with a light program, games, toys and laughter! They will discover before all the NERF blasters to be released on the market in the second half of the year, as well as other fun games from Hasbro's portfolio: Pie Face, Monopoly, Jenga, Star Wars and Transformers.

The motto of the NERF Camp is "Fun on the move. Comrades on the move." and its purpose is to show children that outdoor movement is very fun when practiced with other children and favorite games. This is why, in the NERF Camp they will participate in completely new activities, learn what true camaraderie means and discover new ways to have fun and develop their skills and coordination with NERF blasters.

In order to earn places for their children in the NERF Camp, parents must register on the website and follow the steps indicated on the site. In addition to the seats in the camp, they can win 500 prizes from the NERF range. More details and the rules of the competition are available on

Camp, a premiere for both NERF and Romania, is the biggest challenge launched by NERF this year. Competition entries for 17 double seats in the NERF Camp take place during the period April 4 - June 5, 2016.