Tomato tart

Tomato tart

Don't know what to prepare for dinner? We suggest you choose our recipe for tomato pie. It is very tasty, even if it does not use too many ingredients.

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Preparation time

60 minutes




5 eggs

200 g flour

100 ml of oil

300 g cheese

200 g sweet cheese

250 g tomatoes



1 envelope baking powder


Method of preparation

Mix the eggs first, until they double their volume, add salt and pepper, then put the oil in the composition.

Add the cheese, the cheese on the large grater and the flour mixed with baking powder.

Mix the composition with a spoon, until you get a homogeneous dough.

Cut the tomatoes into slices.

Pour the dough into a pie, lined with oil and flour, then place on top of slices of tomatoes.

Sprinkle over the tart and dry thyme.

Put the pan on medium heat for about 35 minutes.

Let the tray cool in the pan, then slice it.

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