Method of contraception after birth

Method of contraception after birth

Women who are not breastfeeding discover that the menstrual cycle appears shortly after birth, between 4 and 10 weeks. If you meet the following conditions, the chance of ovulation is 2%:

- Menstruation has not returned;
- The baby is fed through breastfeeding;
- Your baby is less than six months old.

If you want a method of contraception in the first six months then the best method is breastfeeding amenorrhea.

The first condition of this method is that the menstruation has not returned. The bleeding from day 59 is not due to ovulation if the woman is breastfeeding. Only after this day can bleeding be considered as menstruation.

If the baby is breastfed or fed only 15% with other products, the recommended contraceptive method is breastfeeding.

The risk of ovulation is related to breastfeeding, so it is advisable to feed your baby naturally as long as possible. This means that you are breastfeeding during the day at four hours and at night every 6 hours.

Refer to the Birth Contraception Guide to choose the best method of protection during intercourse.

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