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Play and development workshops at the Antipa Museum in Bucharest

Play and development workshops at the Antipa Museum in Bucharest

Play and development workshops at the Antipa Museum in Bucharest

Objectives and course content

In the play and development workshops, the children have fun and, in their play, develop important skills for their future development! There are "discovered" and in-depth aspects such as:

Communication, trust, cooperation, adaptability, problem solving, creativity and spontaneity (developed by outdoor games);

The sense of responsibility, planning, basic elements of teamwork (communication, sharing ideas, reaching consensus), understanding the competition, analyzing the problem and solving it, creative thinking, risk taking, working with deadlines, understanding success (exceeding others) versus doing things as best as possible) - aspects addressed on the basis of construction activities

Mode of development

Includes 2 sessions:

The first one comprises 5 sessions where outdoor games are held

The second includes 5 sessions with construction activities in the classroom, based on parts and accessories

After developing the games / construction activities, the children participate in discussions in which, starting from the questions asked by the facilitator, they will discover their own resources, together they will establish an improvement plan that they will implement in the next activity, will identify similarities between the situations encountered in their games and those in real life and will be able to evaluate the potential benefits that the application in life of those learned in the game brings.

To conduct these subsequent discussions, some activities are used (simple and easy) questionnaires - which gives participants the advantage of structuring and expressing their thoughts and opinions before being influenced by others, as well as the opportunity to contribute. later as much discussions and thus develop their confidence in their own forces.

Auxiliary materials

Construction parts and accessories, parachute, balls and other auxiliary materials needed to play games.

Course structure

10 sessions held at the Antipa Museum

Scheduled times: August 20 - 31, 2012; Monday - Friday, between 16:00 and 18:00

Participants: children between 8 and 12 years old; minimum 8 - maximum 12


Trainer (facilitator): Daniela Stanciu, trainer and workshop in smartkidsland; over 10 years experience in human resources and over 2 years in working with children; specialized studies: the psychology faculty from the Bucharest University, 2003; the faculty of commerce, six Bucharest, 1996

Course price: - 210 RON / participant - for all 10 sessions; all auxiliary materials necessary for the course are provided

Registration: e-mail [email protected]

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