The hectic city life urges you for increased skin care

The hectic city life urges you for increased skin care

You run all day, and in the evening you wonder how dusty your face is? This is what happens in crowded places, so you should always strive to keep your face clean.

Did you know that cleansed skin in the evening, before bed and in the morning, before applying makeup, keeps its youth for longer? This is because the skin is released from impurities and sebum.

The toning process is the second important step in restoring the balance of the skin and should be absent from the daily care ritual.

Being absolutely necessary for the maintenance of all skin types, it cleanses the pores and restores the pH of the skin. It also removes the chlorine and minerals present in the water used to wash the face and therefore protects your skin.

To perfectly meet the skin needs of people living in urban areas, Oxyance offers care products that purify and protect the skin. Using a second skin technology based on Glycofilm, they act on the surface of the skin as a protective 3D shield.

Oxy-City complex it has four active elements, which work together: protective polysaccharide, antioxidant vitamin E, ivy extract and melissa extract.

Oxyance offers several skin cleansing and toning solutions:


  • Cleansing milk for normal or dry skin 200 ml;
  • Foaming cleansing gel for oily or mixed skin 200 ml;
  • cleansing towels 25 pcs;
  • Cleansing mousse for sensitive skin 200 ml;
  • Eye makeup 125 ml;
  • Micellar lotion 200 ml.


  • Thermal water 150 ml;
  • Tonic lotion for sensitive skin 200 ml.

Oxyance products are available in Sensiblu celebrities.

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