NATURAL revolutionary hair care formulas

NATURAL revolutionary hair care formulas

Out of love for nature and people, VivaNatura has always sought the most efficient and natural formulas, constantly improving the quality of its products.

VivaNatura researchers have created natural products for hair care: cream with oil extract and herbs against hair loss (excellent natural product), natural mask for hair care, shampoos for all types of hair and conditioner, natural and of natural origin.

The new formulas for hair care products combine in a revolutionary formula natural ingredients: herbal active ingredients, essential oils, cold pressed oils, petroleum extract and other compatible efficient ingredients (natural surfactants) that have recently appeared on the international market for cosmetic ingredients. .

The hair care range contains 96-99% natural substances of natural origin, cold processed, so that vitamins, minerals and antioxidants retain their active properties.

In order for the hair to become silky, with volume and vitality, natural oils are used, herbal extracts with specific beneficial effects on the hair. The new shampoo formulas make the washing experience much more enjoyable and efficient. The composition of the products does not lack the natural active ingredients: vinegar from honey and apples, lactic acid, which are natural chelating agents - nourish the hair, moisturize and clean the deposits.

Due to the new formula, the shampoos have a greater stability over time, and the essential oils with the role of perfume are 100% natural and have antibacterial, antiseptic effects.

The range for hair care from VivaNatura includes: Hair conditioner, Cream with natural extracts and oil against hair loss, Mask for hair restoration and fortification, Dandruff shampoo, Normal and oily hair shampoo, Dry hair shampoo.

According to any type of hair, VivaNatura products fortify the hair ornament precisely due to the abundance of active natural substances and the lack of toxicity.

Regardless of the characteristics of the hair - straight or wavy, rarely or often, thin or dry, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals in the component will act effectively, stimulating the regeneration of the hair and strengthening the hair.

VivaNatura - efficient, natural, Romanian!

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