A Lost Letter, a living statues show

A Lost Letter, a living statues show

The characters of Caragiale in the play "A Lost Letter", unique and always current, are sent this time through the speech of the Masca Theater, in an approach for the first time in the Romanian theatrical space: the work of the great playwright brought to the stage by the technique of living statues.

The elections have always been the occasion of terrible disturbances that have encompassed both large and small cities. In X city, Trahanache, the head of the ruling party, leads with the iron hand the preparations for the elections, along with Zoe, the younger consort of you and Tipatescu, the county prefect.

Zoe loses a love letter she had received from Tipatescu, his lover, and unfortunately, he catches on her Catavencu, the Opposition representative and who asks, no more, no less than support for obtaining the deputy post.
At the electoral assembly, in the ensuing beating, the letter is again lost and found by the tormented Citizen who gives it to the Andrisante, to the Joitica bull, so good lady. Dandanache is elected deputy, sent from the center, and the party is run by Catavencu himself, now becoming an obedient puppy because, isn't it, this is not the last room.

This is what happens in the old days, the evidence taken by the witnesses of that time and we do not see any resemblance to our days, when things are so clear and people are so honest. I fought and made progress!

Directed by: Mihai MALAIMARE
Set design: Sergiu CHIHAIA
Music: Razvan DIACONU


  • Stefan Tipatescu - George Pupaza
  • Zaharia Trahanache - Sebastian Ghita
  • Zoe Trahanache - Iulia Dumitru
  • Farfuridi - Madalin Mladinovici
  • Branzovenescu - Alexandru Floroiu
  • Ionescu - George Ivu
  • Popescu - Bogdan Angelescu
  • Pristanda - Mihai Hurduc
  • The tormented citizen - Eugen Fetescu
  • Agamita Dandanache - Antonio Minca
  • Popa Pripici - Andrei Dragulescu
  • Catavencu - Razvan Teodorescu
  • Caragiale - Aurel Sorin Sandu

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