NEW in the WellKid range - gummy, soft and healthy jellies!

NEW in the WellKid range - gummy, soft and healthy jellies!

In the first years of life, the health of the future adult is strengthened. Therefore, it is essential that parents take care to provide the child with the necessary nutrients so that he or she develops healthy and harmonious.

The nutritional requirement of children is a great one, in order to cope with the pace of development and growth. But studies show that many children in Romania (but not only) suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but also from obesity. The diet of the child either does not contain all the nutritional principles in adequate quantities, or there is an excess of flour, which increase the caloric value of the meal but decrease the nutritional value. Thus, the baby grows in weight, but the body suffers from deficiencies.

Also, an additional factor of this deficiency is the fact that during the preparation of food, important quantities of vitamins and minerals are lost. As a result, it is essential to administer balanced nutritional supplements, specially designed for children, such as Wellkid Soft Jelly from Vitabiotics.

The delicious Wellkid jellies contain vitamins and minerals in the dose corresponding to the needs of children between the ages of 4 and 12 years, with an addition of seeds of important source of energy and omega acids 3. Omega acids play an essential role in the psychological, intellectual development, increasing the coefficient. intelligence, being important also in the process of maturing the visual function.

Thus, Wellkid offers the nutritional support necessary for a normal physical, motor, but also intellectual growth of your chicken in a pleasant form of jelly with the natural strawberry aroma.

Jellies do not contain sugar, being soft with children's teeth. They have no dye, preservative or artificial flavor.

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