The best gift for your child: the fun in the NERF Camp

The best gift for your child: the fun in the NERF Camp

For you, as a parent, the most beautiful gift is an active child, who enjoys spending time with his friends while discovering the most beautiful games. And because each experience is even more beautiful as it helps the little one to grow, we propose to give him the chance to live An unforgettable experience!

Give her hours of outdoor fun!

NERF blasters are the perfect gift for your child! Besides being among the most beloved games in the world, they are very safe and offer the little one a great way to spend time with friends outdoors. They allow the child to create a lot of creative scenarios, to move all day without even feeling tired, to connect friends and develop their imagination and team spirit.

And now, NERF blasters are giving even more: with them, your child and his best friend can go together in the hottest adventure this summer: NERF camp!

Camp where any child would like to go with his best friend!

The NERF camp is the strongest summer camp for children, reaching the second edition in Romania. The camp will unfold between July 20-25, 2017 in Bran, Brasov county, and it means six days of outdoor fun for children between the ages of 8 and 12, under the careful supervision of coordinators specialized in communicating with children.

In the NERF Camp, your little one will make a lot of friends, he will learn many useful things - mountain exploration, first aid, team collaboration, communication with his comrades - and he will participate in fun challenges like treasure hunt at target shooting and workshops. creative. Last but not least, in the NERF Camp, the little one will discover new games and toys before they appear in stores and he will laugh with his mouth to the ears of other children his age.

How do you send your child to NERF Camp?

Buy your little NERF blaster with campaign sticker. Keeps the tax receipt, writes the code on and accumulates at least 200 points. You can win a double seat for your child and a friend of his in the NERF Camp, plus 500 instant prizes: blasters, a NERF car, volleyball balls and NERF tennis courts!

Besides the joy of receiving a new blaster, the little one has the chance to live the hottest adventure in the summer vacation!

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