Fine care with precious honey extract and sensual flavors

Fine care with precious honey extract and sensual flavors

It spoils the body and the senses through a unique experience that involves lush moments and supreme care. New range Honey does, based on the precious honey extract, includes three products for pleasurable sensations and pleasures at any time: a shower gel, shower cream and a new liquid soap. The shower gel and cream offers a pleasant experience during the shower and a clean and hydrated skin, and the liquid soap completes the range with a sensual and fresh scent.

Most women in Europe want a shower gel that will leave their skin clean but also moisturized, as shown by the specialist studies of recent years. That's why Fa skin care experts have created the new range - Fa Honey, based on a formula with honey extract, meant to make the skin soft, with a silky appearance. The benefits of honey as a basic ingredient for skin beauty have been recognized for centuries - even Cleopatra used nectar during bath to moisturize her skin and to provide pampering moments for her body and senses. Thus, the three products in the Fa Honey range have been specially created to meet the need of women to have clean and hydrated skin. In addition, the new range offers the skin a sensual perfume, with fragrances of white gardenia and yellow iris.

The new Fa Honey range includes:

Makes Honey Elixir Shower Gel, 250ml & 400ml

The shower gel protects the skin against drying, leaving it irresistibly soft and smooth. Enriched with aromas of white gardenia.

Fa Honey Cream Shower Cream, 250 ml & 400 ml

Its creamy and gentle formula protects the skin against drying, leaving it soft and velvety. Enriched with aromas of yellow iris.

Makes Honey Elixir Liquid Soap, 250 ml

The soap offers a gentle cleansing and a deep hydration of the skin.