Recenka and Easter eggs - a story about friendship and Easter traditions

Recenka and Easter eggs - a story about friendship and Easter traditions

"Recenka and Easter eggs" is the latest editorial appearance in the collection of illustrated books for children from Frontiera publishing house. The book is a Russian-inspired story, rewritten by American author Patricia Polacco, a beloved American author and illustrator for children.

Coming from a family with mixed cultural traditions (Irish after father and Russian-Jewish after mother), Patricia Polacco grew up with grandparents, surrounded by their stories and memories.

Her babusca, the grandmother from the mother, used to gather grandchildren around the fire, fill a bowl with apples and cornflakes and start the "shooting" of stories in front of the eager eyes of the children. From these stories repeated hundreds of times, always hanging on the border between reality and invention, Patricia Polacco drew his books. She has written over 100 books for children, all inspired by her childhood and impregnated with the nostalgia of family traditions.

"Recenka and Easter eggs" is a story about the emotional relationship between Babusca and a wild gang, lost in the yard of the old cottage, but also about the wonder of the new life that every spring brings.

Babusca is famous for the craftsmanship with which she lays Easter eggs. At the beginning of the story, Babusca prepares for the Easter Fair in Moscow, where she goes every year with a basket full of painted eggs. The wild gang he takes care of is named Recenka and becomes the soulmate of the baboon. One day, Recenka mistakenly overturned the basket with painted eggs, causing a lot of bitter old age. But Recenka is not an ordinary gang, and the whole story takes a beautiful and unexpected twist.

"The children learn from this book that friendship means to receive, but also to give, and enjoys with Babusca the one with great soul of all the small wonders that pass unnoticed: the gifts that others make to us, the mysterious way in which they are given I am planning things in our life and, not least, the triumph of our new life ”, says Ileana Achim, editorial director of Border Publishing.

The book is illustrated by the author in a style with rich Eastern motifs: eggs painted with authentic Russian and Ukrainian motifs, colorful domes of old Moscow and a discreet background of Eastern iconography. In this way, the story offers parents a starting point for discussions about the traditions of the holidays and spring in the Eastern space.

The book, recommended for children between 3 and 10 years, is available on the publisher's website,, at the price of 39 lei. Also, the book can be found in Humanitas, Librarium and many other independent libraries in the country.

About Frontiera Publishing House

Frontiera Publishing House is a young publishing house, which, since 2009, offers parents and children in Romania reference books in the field of child psychology through the collection of books for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Since 2016, the publisher's portfolio has been enriched with the illustrated book collection, which aims to bring in Romanian memorable stories from the great literature for children, books that have stood the test of time and which are noted both through the narrative impact and the outstanding illustration. Other titles for children already in the portfolio of the Frontier publishing house are "Willie Fulg de Nea" by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (story first snowflake photographer) and "Fortunately" by Remy Charlip (the best known book by the avant-garde New York artist Remy Charlip) .

Also, the publishing house prepares many other important illustrated book titles and holds in-house reading and manual workshops designed based on the books published.