Steam cooking - the technique of the professional cooks brought by Electrolux in the domestic kitchens

Steam cooking - the technique of the professional cooks brought by Electrolux in the domestic kitchens

If you think about number 100, it is very possible that you do not associate it with fine desserts, fluffy rolls or juicy meat dishes on the inside and crispy crust on the outside. However, the number 100 plays an extremely important role in obtaining these delicious culinary results. This is about the boiling point of the water, which once reaches the temperature of 100 ° C turns into steam, becoming the most commonly used cooking method for healthy eating, but also one of the most appreciated culinary techniques by professional chefs. The benefits of steam cooking are innumerable, its effect on flavors and ingredients being unique throughout the gastronomic art.

Steam is a popular culinary technique in the big restaurants, which is why Electrolux, recognized for its experiences in adapting professional functions in home kitchens, created the CombiSteam Pro oven, in order to bring the balance between healthy dishes, tasty taste and reduced time spent in the kitchen. .

"Starting this year we will make life more delicious and creative in the kitchen. With each home appliance, Electrolux combines the useful with the pleasant, and in the case of the CombiSteam Pro oven, the useful translates into reduced cooking time to a few minutes, even for desserts, and the pleasure translates into natural tastes, inspiration for cooking and aromatic preparations and extremely healthy. Make Life Delicious is the slogan of the year that will accompany all the cooking enthusiasts, and the steam will definitely become the favorite culinary experiment ”, said Carmen Georgescu, Communication & Marketing Manager Electrolux Romania.

Chefs take steam seriously

Steam cooking significantly reduces the time of meal preparation but also of food fats. Professional chefs, however, have taken this technique to another level, using oils, spices or ingredients especially used to infuse the preparations with flavors to delight the taste buds. When using the PlusSteam Pro Oven, for example, creativity in the use of spices and flavors should have no limits, with steam being the one that will infuse complex flavored preparations. Steam cooking does not mean tasteless cooking, being an extremely tender technique when it comes to intensifying flavors, preserving the natural qualities of the ingredients. However, Chefs appreciate this technique and its purity, which preserves the nutrients of each ingredient, but also a fine texture of the preparations.

Steam and the trend of “healthy eating”

Steam cooking enjoys a number of health benefits, the first being strictly for the preparation technique. When cooking with the steam function of the CombiSteam Pro oven, the temperature remains constant throughout the cooking period, which means that the food will be cooked evenly and at a rate that allows them to dose their nutrients and vitamins. It is hard to imagine that there is a technique that is more natural, healthier and tastier than steam.

Delicious aromas in healthy preparations, easy to obtain with Electrolux CombiSteam Pro

Electrolux has created the perfect equipment to offer variety, taste, and appearance, with the help of the CombiSteam Pro oven. It combines traditional cooking methods with the benefits of steam, to prepare healthy and fast foods. Also, with the help of the FoodProbe probe, the degree of meat preparation can be monitored permanently, to obtain always the golden crust and juicy texture experienced until recently only at the restaurant. And because the experience of the natural taste of food turns into moments of joy with loved ones, just by a simple push of a button, the oven is automatically cleaned.

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