The Mega Mall has prepared children with unique surprises

The Mega Mall has prepared children with unique surprises

Singer Andra Gogan will be the guide of the little ones in the rabbit world!

Mega Mall invites you to take part with the little one at an event full of joy and surprises, where the special guest is Andra Gogan. On April 14th, we expect you to discover next to the little fluffy world of rabbits and to enjoy all the activities we have prepared in the Peek & Cloppenburg area, 1st floor. Entrance to the event is free.

Your journey will start at 4:00 pm, when we will open "Rabbit Factory", a creative workshop with a holiday theme, where the little ones will be transformed as if by magic into rabbits. Prichindeii will be able to enjoy painting sessions, they will receive rabbit ears and a rabbit passport, which will ensure their entry into a wonderful world, full of fun activities.

Then, from 18:00, Andra Gogan will delight the little "rabbits" with a lively and lively concert. Andra Gogan is known as the voice of several Disney characters, among them being "Princess Sofia" and "Doctor Plusica". She is also a well-known singer and holder of two world records: for the longest live concert held by a child, in which she performed 55 songs without interruption, and for most albums released by a child - 16 CDs - hate. In addition, the little ones can follow it on its YouTube channel with over 270,000 subscribers, in the series "How to become popular in high school".

We expect you to enjoy with the little one of unique and colorful moments.

More information is available on the website or on the Facebook page Mega Mall.