High protein diets: pros and cons

High protein diets: pros and cons

High protein diets are some of the most popular weight loss methods. The reason why more and more women resort to them is that they allow the unrestricted consumption of certain preparations and foods that are not usually recommended in diets - cheeses, bacon, steaks and even burgers. However, although the results are not delayed and many women lose weight quite quickly, doctors are paying attention to the risks that these diets have on the health of the body!

High protein diets, safe or not?

High protein diets allow the consumption of large quantities of meat and animal products. If you are a fan of these foods, you might be tempted to follow one of the high protein diets. But while they encourage the consumption of cheese, eggs and meat, they prohibit foods considered healthy, such as cereals, fruits and vegetables.

The specialists fall into two categories: a part that encourages these diets as a method of combating obesity and a part that sounds an alarm signal about the risks that these diets pose to the health of the body.

Benefits of high protein diets

An important benefit that high protein diets have is that they fight effectively against obesity. The main advantage of these diets, which are very successful, is that the results are visible after a short time since they started.

Foods rich in these nutrients have the merit of quickly installing the feeling of satiety and maintaining it for the long term, consuming small amounts of food. This way, your daily caloric intake decreases, which means you lose weight faster and easier.

Risks of high protein diets on health

Even though it boasts of the merit of helping you lose weight very easily, you don't enjoy it very much. According to experts, high protein diets lose weight quickly and easily, but do not maintain the loss of kilograms in the long term. The so-called yo-yo effect appears. This means that, after finishing the diet, you risk not only quickly reaching the weight you had before starting the diet, but also accumulate new kilos.

Eating high-protein foods recommended by these diets means a significant fat intake, but also increases the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. Doctors argue that there is a risk that abuse of such foods can lead to cardiovascular disease and risk of heart attack.

The specialists explain that a diet concentration only on protein foods restricts the intake of essential nutrients in the body - carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. There is a risk of muscle blockages and ketosis (a natural process that occurs when fats are transformed into energy, against a glucose deficiency in the body).

Ketosis can have disastrous effects on health, increasing the risk of heart disease - coronary heart stroke or heart attack. The balanced diets provide the body with essential nutrients, which help the organs to function properly and protect them against cancer and other very serious diseases.

When there is no balance in the supply of essential nutrients that is obtained from the diet, serious imbalances occur in the body. The first affected is the immune system, which means that the body remains vulnerable to diseases and diseases that endanger health.

The harmful side effects of these diets can also spread to the kidneys, increasing the risk of kidney blockage. Specialists recommend that those who want to lose weight always opt for diets that promote a nutritional balance, so that the body benefits from all the vitamins and minerals needed to function properly.

Probably you, like many other women, have tried over time a lot of weight loss diets. Have you been successful in weakening your health or have you experienced any health problems as a result of their youth? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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