Care for mothers in 5 steps

Care for mothers in 5 steps

Dove believes that every woman has the right to beauty, care and happiness. Dove knows that true beauty starts with healthy, soft skin and wonderful hair that any woman can get through a 5-step daily care ritual, which encourages us to be more confident and choose the right care products. they will guide us towards discovering true beauty.

As part of the newly launched project, "Your daily care ritual in 5 steps", Dove and Oana Cuzino explain how hydrated, fragrant and pleasant skin to touch, healthy and shiny hair, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the elements that make us feel more beautiful, confident and proud of our achievements. professional or personal.

"Everyone has the beauty, we just have to look more closely within us, to give ourselves more time and we will surely discover it. I am glad that I can convey this message to all women. does not sleep Oana Cuzino, Prime Ambassador Dove.

And because every inch of our body, from head to toe, deserves less criticism and more love, Dove has prepared 5 essential steps for us to enjoy healthy, supple skin every day.

Step 1 - For soft and hydrated skin, uses Dove soap and shower gel

Dove has created products for each of us, products that nourish our skin in depth and make it brighter and softer. It's so easy to hydrate; we just need to know what soap and shower gel to use. Dove is more delicate than ordinary soap, both for the body and for the face, being the only soap cream with a moisturizing cream that nourishes the skin in depth, leaving it softer and softer.

And if you opt for the shower gel, Nutrium Moisture technology is a unique blend of lipids and glycerin, moisturizing agents identical to those of your skin.

Step 2 - For delicate scented and soft skin, uses Dove deodorants

We know you lead an active life and you have to stay in shape every day. For this you need a deodorant with ¼ moisturizing cream and neutral pH that gives you effective protection against perspiration and gently cares for the skin under the skin.

Choose the applicator that suits you - spray, elegant and compact stick or roll-on and the perfume that best suits your style - Original, Fresh, Energy or Silk.

Step 3 - For beautiful and pleasant skin to the touch, uses Dove creams and lotions

Body lotions and creams with active moisturizing agents Dove gives your skin complete care and hydration, resulting in a soft and supple skin. For a complete and lasting care, apply them on the entire surface of the body, including the slightly exposed areas and insist on the drier areas: elbows, knees, shoulders, arms and legs.

Choose skin care products according to the type of skin: normal, dry, oily. And don't forget to always carry a hand cream in your bag, which you can apply after each wash! Wear beautiful skin every day with Dove lotions and creams!

Step 4 - For a beautiful and lively hair, choose the complete solution shampoo, conditioner and hair mask from Dove

Have you ever thought that we spend an average of 30 minutes daily arranging our hair? With each stage aimed at beautifying it, the hair is more affected. Washing, drying with hay, brushing, stretching with plaque or dyeing it lead to lipid loss, hair becoming dry, rough, rebellious. For beautiful, silky hair and easy to comb, the new Dove Repair Therapy care products with "Fiber Actives" technology represent advanced solutions for degraded hair care.

Step 5 - Don't forget to enjoy the little pleasures of life

And, in order to cope with the fast pace of life, remember that a healthy and shiny complexion needs a balanced diet, movement and relaxation. Give yourself at least 20 minutes of movement a day, spend your free time reading a book or in the company of loved ones.

You deserve to enjoy a finer, soft and shiny skin every day following this ritual. To convince you that beauty means care, we expect you on Facebook Dove.