How do we overcome the fear of giving birth?

How do we overcome the fear of giving birth?

The birth of the baby is a unique moment and full of emotional load that you feel during pregnancy. Although you try to enjoy the time when you are pregnant, your worries and fears about giving birth do not hesitate to overwhelm you when the world is dearer to you. The fear of the unknown is one of the most common and whether as natural or cesarean births, you are in a state of anxiety. How do you deal with them?

Make a "birth fear" journal or write in your pregnancy journal!

Write down your fears in a journal, in the order they appear. Seeing them listed will give you an easier idea of ​​what your true fear is, what grinds you the most and how to get rid of them (wanting with a friend, doctor, partner, etc.). In addition, writing is also a form of stress and anxiety relief, which helps you be more calm, relaxed and enjoy the task more.

Try to identify the source of your birth fears!

Once you have identified each of your fears or concerns, note them down, take them one by one and start questioning them. Answer your questions as honestly as possible:

  • Where does this fear come from?

  • What do you have in mind (or what do you do) when that fear passes through your head?

  • Does it come from a personal past?

  • Does it come from what you have heard from others or from a personal belief?

If it is difficult for you to answer these questions and you cannot find their source, call a psychologist for help. If your worries and fears overwhelm you feel like you are invading your life and you cannot face them alone, call for specialized help.

Call for motivational phrases (mantras)!

It is said that what you think, that you acquire or attract in your life! So stop thinking and create your own mantra that you always have in mind and repeat it daily or whenever you feel overwhelmed by your worries. Here are some examples:

  • "I am a strong person. I am able to cope with birth, even if it is difficult"

  • "I can do this! I am a strong woman"

  • "I'm not afraid of birth! I'll cope with it! I know I can!"

  • "Do not give birth to me! I will cope with it!"

  • "Birth? A hop that I will go through and that makes me a strong woman"

Create your own motivational phrase and if it is needed, write it down wherever you are - on post-it or tickets or agendas, to see it all the time.

Call for a double!

You will not find it in conventional centers or hospitals, but you will certainly find it if you ask one or the other or if you listen carefully to the stories of the mothers around you. The double is a kind of midwife, but with many qualities and responsibilities, including giving spiritual and spiritual support during pregnancy and childbirth, but also after that. She is the one who can give you psychological support and assistance so as to overcome your fears at birth!

Make a plan for your birth!

Often, the fears come from the unknown and unpredictable (as it is the moment of birth). But do not let labor take you unprepared. As you approach the extinct date of birth, refine all your activities and things to relieve yourself of the stress that will befall you then. Take your maternity bag, leave your things in order at home, talk to your doctor, etc.

Many moms who have gone through childbirth planning advise their mothers to be realistic and not expect to fully respect their plan. But it is not bad to have a plan, you never know when you need it.

How the moms in the community survived fear of the moment of birth?

Gabitzza: The fear of giving birth to me was very, very big, most scared me that I did not know exactly what was going to happen, what and how I would feel, and especially that I did not have control. At large I knew how Caesarean section would turn out, but I heard all sorts of stories that most of which, I was afraid that somehow the anesthesia would not catch, or the baby would not be good or I would not suffer a panic attack and lose consciousness. on the operating table.

Ankag: I had a real birth phobia, I didn't even want to have children. But as I got older, I ended up wanting a baby so I accepted that I would have to give birth. Then I went to Lamaze courses that helped me a lot ... there was a real change inside me. Out of great fear, I saw the birth as a special experience for a woman, perhaps the most intense experience we can ever live.
I also had fears before the big moment came, I was wondering if the learned techniques will work, how long it will take, how long it will last, how I will handle it ... I was very afraid that I would not lose control. To draw a conclusion, I overcame my birth fear by giving birth to a kind of challenge for which I prepared myself and to which I wanted to do my best, to enjoy the birth of my child, and let me feel all the experiences that appear in those moments.

Denyy10: Birth fear ... we all went through this. Yes I was scared because I didn't know exactly what would happen, when they brought me to the birth room, I was shaking, actually. But immediately after anesthesia my fear started to diminish, the nurses and doctors talked to me and I actually forgot about the fear ... I started to relax ... I thought that immediately I would see my little girl, I wondered what she would look like, who she would look like , when I saw my miracle I was in a state of impatience ... if I could have jumped after the operating table, I could hardly wait for both of us in the salon to be able to relieve it, not to be saturated with it ...

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