Health Portion, the sixth volume

Health Portion, the sixth volume

On Tuesday, March 15, the National Journal and the Reader's Digest bring you the 6th volume from the "Health Portion" collection. A lively project! 12 volumes in which you have advice from doctors around the world, alternative therapies, handy remedies and healthy recipes! A collection about the most important investment in every human's life: health!

The sixth volume of the series describes diabetes, eczema and gout, with their causes and symptoms, proposing a prevention and treatment plan based on all the elements available to everyone: vitamins, minerals and food supplements, herbs and alternative therapies such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, oligotherapy, reflexotherapy, massage etc.

You will read about the art of balanced nutrition, with a broad description of diets that can be kept either to lose weight and to keep fit, or for eating disorders, such as diabetes. So you can choose in the knowledge of the cause the regime that you think suits you best.

The following sections present chromium - a mineral that helps the body produce insulin and intervenes in protein and lipid metabolism - and bromelain - an enzyme with strong anti-inflammatory action.

You will find useful information about the recommended plants in case of one or more of the diseases present in this volume: blueberries, chives, yellows, chamomile and sea bass.

We conclude, as we promised we will do in each volume, with 42 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes from the recommended foods, which will prove to you that eating healthy does not mean depriving you of the pleasure of your tastes.

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