Launch and special offers at the Baby Expo in spring 2011

Launch and special offers at the Baby Expo in spring 2011

Baby Expo 30th Spring Edition, March 10-13, 2011, daily between 10am and 7pm, and Sunday until 4pm, at the Bucharest Multipurpose Hall.

Admission to the exhibition costs 10 lei for parents and is free for children.

For 4 days, the more than 140 companies present expect parents with a wide range of products and services for the little ones: items for newborns, small and big children, games and toys, clothing and footwear, furniture and decorations, food and hygiene, cosmetics, books and educational CDs, clothing for pregnant women.

The companies that offer services for organizing baptisms and parties for children, insurance, medical centers, kindergartens, etc. will also be missing.

The news of this edition

To maintain your suspense and awaken your curiosity, we list only a few of the stars of this edition:

  • Trunki bags that have been raging in the UK - children can ride them or they can be towed;

  • Pillows for colic filled with grape seeds or cherry seeds;

  • Bright Starts with bungee jumping platform and 360 degree swivel chair, which allows the baby to jump energetically, to dance and to have access to toys;

  • Omron MicroAIR - the smallest nebulizer in the world that can be used in children during sleep;

  • Sport Lite Way Glam Top trolley - limited edition, made of eco leather with embroidery that gives it a precious and shiny note;

  • Botosis filled with rapeseed seeds, which maintain the warmth and relax the feet;

  • Care ViraSoothe - innovative treatment for relieving unpleasant varicella symptoms;

  • Buggster S-AIR trolley with inflatable wheels;

  • Omron system with the fastest fever monitoring method: one second;

  • BeSafe iZi Go car seat - inspired by nature, designed after OU;

  • Water flute - to which the tones can be adjusted by filling the water pipes in different quantities;

  • Clics - innovative system that allows the child to perform flat or space constructions;

  • More Milk Plus capsules - effective and natural result for stimulating lactation;

  • Folding umbrella type bed, with side door and mosquito net;

  • Baptismal clothes - elegance, style and English refinement for the most important day of the baby's life;

  • Pasta with special vegetables for children;

  • Collection 2011, linen with cotton insert Jaquard fabric;

  • Crane with Eitech remote control - the child learns about the world of science through the game;

  • Thermal insulation bag with auto heater - a true jewel of the technique;

  • Ocean music projector - brightly colored marine animals designed in a soft light and soothing music;

  • Dr. Brown's BPA Free Orthodontic Suction - promotes the proper development of the baby's oral cavity;

  • Tutu skirts - which should not be missing from the wardrobe of princesses;

  • 2011 Graco collection of strollers, cots and car seats.

Seminars and competitions for parents

Parents are invited to participate in events, competitions, seminars and to benefit from the services provided by the exhibition partners.

  • Baby Gym, game and movement for the little ones - Dorna - Izvorul Alb invites parents and children to discover the pleasure of the game through movement. Under the guidance of the specialists from Kineto Bebe, children play, do gymnastics, learn to balance, roll, and parents receive advice on the harmonious growth of the little one.

Baby Gym runs daily from 2pm to 7pm, Sunday until 4pm.

  • Sport Dwarfs - the most attractive sporting event for children between 14 and 36 months. On a circuit adapted to the age of the child, with the help of the parents, the little one will have 4 tests: climbing, balance, descent and roll!

Every day at 1pm, the Bear Nestle starts the contest and awards all the children.

  • Salsa Baby - dance to Salsa rhythms with your baby! Every day at 12:00, moms with babies in the baby carrier will compete in salsa rhythms. Lively tropical songs and many prizes offered by Baby-Nova.

  • Babies' Competition Going by the Bus - Every day at 11:00, the babies show everyone how little they can be champions at the bus ride and receive prizes from the Nestle Bear.

  • Breastfeeding Space Medela - in a friendly, clean and discreet environment, moms have the opportunity to breastfeed the baby.

  • Parents' Club - specialists in raising and developing the child give parents a meeting at interactive seminars. Among the topics covered: Birth of your child - Choose informed, Lamaze techniques to reduce pain at birth, Communication with babies before birth, Health & Femininity - Preparation of the Perineum for Birth, Healthy nutrition for pregnant women, Diversification of baby nutrition - myths and solutions, Safe - Car seats save lives!

And this is not all! At the Baby Expo children and parents are waiting for them:

  • At the Blue Bear - Bebelusilor restaurant made in partnership with Nestle, where the little ones are invited to enjoy the delicious dishes prepared for them;

  • Photo studio for children Kinder Studio - precious moments and smiles, to be kept in images forever;

  • Clowns, fairies, magicians, face-painting and patterned balloons, clever activities;

- Pipo - the publication for preschoolers No.1 in Romania - awaits you at the Baby Expo with surprises, many gifts and special offers.

Future Moms are in the spotlight at the Baby Expo!

Each future mother is welcomed by NUK at the Pregnancy Club with tips and gifts and participates in the Great Tomb of the pregnant women. At the Baby Expo she discovers the latest trends in fashion for pregnant women, ideas for celebrating the birth, solutions for harvesting stem cells and receiving useful information to prepare the baby's arrival in the world.

Based on the entry ticket, take part in the Super Tombola Chicco!

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