How do we develop child immunity?

How do we develop child immunity?

Children have a fragile and constantly developing body. The immune system of children must be continuously strengthened in order for the body to cope with the germs, bacteria and viruses with which children often come into contact. Here are some effective ways to strengthen their immunity!

Healthy eating

Eating is the main method by which you strengthen the child's immune system as naturally as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that are immediately absorbed into the body and fortify it.

Foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, beta carotene, bioflavonoids are recommended for the baby to benefit from these effects.

Physical movement

Sport, along with a healthy diet, is a useful way to contribute to the growth of cells that fight infections and other conditions that may enter the body, strengthening immunity.

There is no need to register the child for a performance sport, the simple play outside the house, walking, running in the park and otherwise fun activities, but which require minimal physical effort on their part are sufficient.

Sleep and rest

A rested body is a powerful one! Sleep is vital for the child's immune system to function at maximum levels. Preschoolers should sleep between 11 and 13 hours daily and children of school age about 10-11 hours.


Exposure of the child to various sources of prolonged stress (school, kindergarten, family climate, other educational activities, etc.), that is, overloading, contributes to weakening the immune system and its predisposition to develop various diseases. So, make sure your baby has enough time to relax during the day!

Avoiding passive smoking

Passive smoking has disastrous effects on your little one. Exposure of the child to the toxins in the cigarette weakens the immune system, worsens the respiratory diseases of the children and can give birth to others.


If you have a baby, you should know that breastfeeding is one of the most effective methods of strengthening the immune system. Breast milk contains substances and antibodies that provide protection for the baby against diseases, even in the long term.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Vitamins B and C are two of the most important when it comes to strengthening the immune system. In some cases, when the child's immune system is very weak or when he or she suffers from certain diseases, he or she may need supplements based on vitamins and minerals that contribute to his or her development. Do not give the child such supplements by ear, always ask the doctor's advice and recommendation.

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