How to make a book with your child?

How to make a book with your child?

When you have children's books in mind, you almost immediately think of the library or library. But these can be created by you and your little one by putting together a few "ingredients" directly out of the child's clever handle.

It is also a fun play method and it also teaches him some skills and aptitudes, as well as developing the ability to write and read, while increasing his interest in the book world. Imagination and creativity are the main "spices" of the book, so be generous with them!

Make personalized books together, consulting with your little one regarding the content, forms, pages, drawings and other elements, these becoming over the years memories of price in the personal library not only of your own, but also of the child in adulthood.

What do you need to make a book?


Photographs with the whole family, with various activities you have done together, with animals or favorite places you have visited, etc. These will become part of your book. Let him choose the pictures that he thinks could become the subject of your book, guiding and helping him subtly.

The "art" of your child

Also, have him draw or paint or choose from the old creations left in his hand certain images or texts that would fit the book.

The child's ideas and feelings: written or spoken

Depending on the age of the child you can encourage him to write a few words if he knows how to do it or if he is too young, you can record it on the box when he tells the story that should be in the book.

Do not expect for entire chapters or a very correct writing, but it is sufficient if the child writes some names of the characters and their activities or journeys on A4 cardboard sheets or smaller, depending on how big you want to be cartic.

You may be wondering how you will "mount" the box or cd in the book. Very easy! You can assemble some pictures, drawings or pages with words based on his words on the box, and the little boy will then enjoy watching his own visual story through pictures.

So, arrange the pages of the book together by mixing family photos with drawings and other child's creations (which you paste on the standard sheets you chose as a book size, if they are different in size) and with sheets of text written by the child .

Optional ingredient:

- congratulations;
- labels;
- post-it;
- stickers etc.

Anything that helps set up your child's book can be part of the "props" of the book, so don't hesitate to be inventive and creative.

Then proceed to book binding. Put the pages together in order, and with the aid of a perforator, drill holes on their edges. Then use the twine to tie it, but not before making the book covers. They must be of a material stronger than the rest of the pages (possibly colored cards) and must have written the name of the story and its author (only the child). Let him write this information! Then, tie all the pages, including the cover, and your booklet is ready!

Making a book together with the little boy, from an early age, brings him closer to the world of stories and increases his interest in books. In addition, he further develops his ability to write or read and is also a fun way to play and spend quality time with him!

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