What are the chances of having twins?

What are the chances of having twins?

Twin pregnancy is not so common, but there are factors that influence its occurrence. Once you find out that you are pregnant you only talk about your baby. Are you curious what sex he has, what his name will be, how he will look, etc. But at one point, suddenly, a thought hits you: if it's not a baby, but there are more in the belly? Find out what are the chances of having twins!

What do the statistics say?

Globally, the chances of having twins in the contemporary era are 3%. Even if it is not a satisfactory or very high percentage, to know that the current chances are higher than they were in the 80s, when they were well below this percentage.

Factors that influence the appearance of twin pregnancy

If you are over 45 years old

The chances of giving birth to twins or having multiple pregnancies increase with age when you become pregnant. 17% of pregnant women over 45 give birth to twins. If you become a mother over 50, your chances increase significantly, so 1 in 9 pregnancies are twins.

If you are doing fertility treatments

The use of assisted human reproduction techniques, as well as other fertility treatments, significantly increases the chances of having twins. Depending on the treatment followed (for ovarian stimulation), the probability increases or decreases.

For example, in the case of in vitro fertilization the explanation is as plausible as possible: more embryos are implanted in the mother's uterus and there are greater chances of "catching" 2 or more uteruses, than in the case of natural conception.

If you have more births in active

The more births you have, the more likely you are to have a twin pregnancy.

If you have already had a multiple pregnancy

If you have already undergone a twin pregnancy and are thinking of giving birth to a child, it is good to know that the chances of conceiving another are 4 times higher than for women who have had a single pregnancy. So it is good to be ready for a new big news at any time!

If you are overweight or tall

The specialists were able to highlight the fact that women who have a body mass index of 30 or above or who are very high are more likely to give birth to twins. But experts argue that it refers to the probability of installing fraternal twins and not identical.

If you, your mother or your grandmother's mother is a twin sister (fraternal)

If you are part of a family where there are twins and in which the female relatives (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother) of her have always had twin tasks, then your chances are increasing. This is explained by the fact that such women would inherit a gene that has the role of giving rise to hyperovulation, which means that they release more than one egg in the ovulation phase, increasing the chances that during conception they will form and develop. if you implant 2 embryos.

If you get pregnant while breastfeeding

While most moms find that they can't get pregnant while breastfeeding, specialists believe that not only can you get pregnant, but that there are 9 times more chances to have a twin pregnancy.

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