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Doula. Psychological (emotional) midwife of pregnant women

Doula. Psychological (emotional) midwife of pregnant women

Double is the Greek name for "woman serving another woman", who provides care or "breastfeeds" another woman. She is more than just a midwife and the support of a psychologist in one place and helps pregnant women cope better with pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum period. He is a spiritual and psychological mentor in this wonderful journey that ends with the proud status of being a mother.

What is a doula and what is its role?

The double or "psychological or emotional midwife" of the pregnant women refers to that person specialized in births that offers physical, medical, spiritual and psychological support, but also informational to mothers before, during and after pregnancy.

She is the person who will always be present when you need it, when you have questions, fears, problems and difficulties during pregnancy and afterwards. She can help mom:

  • to overcome more easily or to prevent uncomfortable symptoms and signs of pregnancy;
  • to have confidence in their body and to prepare it for an easier birth;
  • to overcome fears regarding the moment of birth;
  • to have more confidence in her;
  • to feel safe and in control;
  • to be surrounded by affection and love;
  • to cope with labor easier;
  • to cope with the first hours after birth;
  • to recover faster after birth, etc.

What you need to know is that such an emotional midwife does not make choices for you. She will not make final decisions, but will only guide you in choosing a decision that is right for you both in terms of pregnancy, birth, modality, anesthesia, etc. She will accept whatever decision you make. Because its role is to give you the confidence you need so that you can make the best decisions for you and baby.

Proven benefits of a doula

There have been several tests and researches on the real benefits of such a person and it has been concluded that this job, which is not yet registered in any nomenclature, has impressive benefits:

  • 50% reduction of the need for caesarean sections;
  • with 60% fewer requests for epidural at birth;
  • with 30% fewer requests to use the medication to reduce pain at birth;
  • reducing the duration of labor by 25%;
  • increased rate (in 51% of cases) of breastfeeding in the first 6 weeks after birth;
  • increased self-esteem and decreased incidence of postnatal depression, as well as reduced anxiety level in the first 6 weeks after birth, etc.

What is the difference between midwife and doula?

A doula resembles a midwife in many ways. The midwife is the one who offers medical support during pregnancy, birth and even after birth. Some of them also have the ability and willingness to provide psychological support and soul to their mothers, but they do not enter into their duties. In addition, a midwife cannot focus all her attention on a single pregnancy, because she has several pregnant women or mothers.

A doula offers the complete package: physical, medical, emotional and psychological support and is "on duty" whenever you need it.

In addition, the double provides emotional support to family members who are overwhelmed by this period and its significance. The future Tatars also benefit from the services of such a psychological midwife.

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