How can your child learn to be a good parent?

How can your child learn to be a good parent?

There are many situations in which the child could easily take the place of parents in terms of education and discipline. Sometimes he just "dictates" to you the way he needs and you have to behave with him! You just have to listen carefully to what the kids are saying to figure out which parenting style is best for growing up.

Children need to spend time with them in various ways

It is true that quality time with the child is essential and involves educational or relaxation activities, but sometimes the little ones want to spend other types of moments with you, from which to learn nothing or not to make the most of any way. Here are some statements of some children:

  • "Mommy, tell me about your day" - Alessia (she just wants to be a good listener)

  • "Stay with me while I eat" - Robert

  • "Take me a little bit to a special place where you can only stay with me, away, where my sister is not" - Alex

  • "Can I stay with you in my arms, mommy?" - Andrew

Children like spontaneity and new experiences and want to be encouraged in this regard

Spontaneity means putting imagination and creativity to work, and children appreciate it. You've never heard him say:

  • "let me and myself go a bit in the rain, to wet myself";

  • "how much do I like when I receive gifts without an opportunity";

  • let me climb the escalators when they go down ";

  • "let me try myself ..."?

These things mean that they are eager to venture into as many experiences and learn as much from them. Do not subvert this desire! You have the opportunity to raise a responsible and capable child. You just have to give it a chance!

Children want to be allowed to cultivate their passions or find their own hobbies

Your little one seems to have talent in drawing, but it irritates you so badly that it makes you miserable that you avoid giving him the brush and the acura in his hand. But where did you see the effortless art, work and mess around?

Also, you don't really like the combination of red and green when it comes to clothing, and your little girl seems to choose just the one. Let her outline her own style, don't force her! Don't know what future fashion creators are hiding in it!

Listen to your little one and you will realize what he likes and what he tends to have talent for. Even if he is not perfect in what he is trying and seems to give it more to the bar, encourage him until he alone decides that it is not his job.

Children want to appreciate their efforts, not just their achievements

It is easy and simple to praise or compliment him when he is successful, but until success he must go through some efforts, which must also be appreciated, because in this way you encourage him to go on and become a capable child.

Children need and want to know about your childhood and its roots

You've probably heard your little boy often, praying:

  • tell a story from your childhood;

  • take him where you grew up;

  • or tell them about his ancestors' relatives.

Children want to be involved in family decisions

It is their way of belonging to the family, to feel appreciated, useful and taken care of by you. I think you've heard him saying,

  • "I also want to put something on the shopping list";

  • "I like the blue towel you want to buy more than the red one";

  • "I want to say what I want to eat tonight";

  • "what problem do you have? Maybe I can help you";

  • "Mommy, can I help you with something?" and so on

Parents, as experts, talk all the time about growing up, but they don't always have the answers to problems. But the children have them in everything I say! Only if you listened to them a little, would you understand and notice that in fact they are the little "experts" in parenting!

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