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Common causes of behavioral problems in children

Common causes of behavioral problems in children

Common causes of behavioral problems in children

Parents always see only what their children are doing, without thinking about what causes them to do those things, which is hidden behind their frequent behavioral problems. We call them naughty, spoiled, disobedient, heavenly, wicked, unprintable, but what is the true source of this way of behaving? Here are some sources that you might want to meditate on and try to "treat" the cause, not the effect!


Psychologists argue that behind many inappropriate behavioral reactions is the feeling of hunger. Sometimes parents have the impression that their little ones have to eat so many times or whenever they do it daily. But adults eat fewer times a day than children. Little ones quickly burn calories because of the increased activity level and need more meals, plus snacks.

Children scream, cry and become angry when they are hungry due to low blood sugar levels.


Fatigue gives the child an increased irritability, which also leads to a state of nervousness that ends in various rashes or inappropriate forms of behavior. They start crying, yelling and throwing things and even hitting people or making real hysteria crises in public.

Children need to have a stable sleep schedule, and if you know that lately he has been hit and unable to comply, try to understand his behavior and remedy the situation, not punish him for things he does not intentionally do. .

The need to be aware or obtain something

Frustrations are a common source of children's behavioral problems. Generally, children behave badly when they want to get something from someone or when they feel the need to be ignored. You're going to say that your little one wants your attention non-stop, right? Most likely, yes, but most of the time, children react aggressively or politically from a behavioral point of view when they feel unloved, deprived, neglected or disadvantaged (as when a younger brother appears and feels that he is older. beloved). Talk to your little one and ask him all the time why he is behaving like this, teaching him to express his feelings!


Another common cause or source of so-called naughty children is boredom. The lack of activities that will arouse their interest, neglect and neglect will lead to a state of boredom that will translate into unpolitical behavior.

These problems occur especially in the case of children who go with their parents to work, meetings or visits where they have no source of entertainment or maintenance. Keep in mind that a child is not able to sit still or in one place for a very long time, not even at the table. Therefore, you must always be prepared to provide him with a source of fun that will keep him busy and connected, be it a toy, a book or other children.

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