4 tics of the baby, how do you reveal it?

4 tics of the baby, how do you reveal it?

Most children develop tics or habits that are hard for parents to learn. I am the way of the little ones to cope with some states that I feel: boredom, anger, anger, sadness, fatigue, etc.

The more you tell the child to stop with them, the more intensely he will make them. Don't make them annoy you. Find out useful solutions to get rid of some of the most common bad habits!

Finger sucking

It is a custom that starts from the time when I was a baby. Most children give up on themselves between 2 and 4 years, but for others it can be extended until late in childhood. It is a way of calming when the baby is under severe stress or anxiety. But this habit can affect the permanent teeth of young children, which is constantly developing.

The best way to combat this habit is by always distracting him when you notice that he is starting to put his finger in his mouth.

Nail red

Nail red is one of the most annoying bad habits in children. They use this behavior when they are stressed, suffering from anxiety or simply bored.

You can combat this habit by distracting it when it begins to bear fruit. But it is important to talk to him about what it feels like to ask him why he does this, but especially to show him and explain to him how much he can do with his handles when they are not put in his mouth and keep them "busy". .

Twisting or pulling hair

These habits are a way of calming the child when he is stressed or busy when he is relaxed and bored. They appear mainly in girls, because they have bigger hair and it is more tempting for them.

These habits are not dangerous and usually disappear with the passing of years. But sometimes, hair twisting is just a step of transition to another habit: tearing it, which can become a real danger. In these cases, medical consultation is needed because it is a sign of anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compliant disorder.

Spit in the nose

Not only is it a bad habit, but it is also disgusting. It is the most common among children. It, unlike other nervous habits or tics, is not necessarily caused by a state of anxiety. Many times children stick their finger in their noses because they feel that something is not right there: they are crusts, nasal secretions or other things that prevent them from breathing or attracting their attention.

It is a harmless but disgusting habit and can be a health hazard due to germs. All you have to do is distract them and give them something to do quickly to stop this habit.

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