Dr. I. A. Sbarcea Hospital from Brasov, fourth donation in the campaign 1 package = 1 vaccine

Dr. I. A. Sbarcea Hospital from Brasov, fourth donation in the campaign 1 package = 1 vaccine

Through the "1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign, Pampers and UNICEF aim to eliminate neonatal tetanus globally. The Romanian parents got involved and were among the most active supporters of the campaign in previous editions.

Pampers and UNICEF thank them, trying in their turn to provide newborns with the best conditions from the first moments of life. That is why Pampers donates to maternity weddings in 4 cities newborns and Pampers diapers, the mothers being the ones who decided the winning cities. Thanks to their support, the fourth donation came to the Obstetrics - Gynecology Hospital "Dr. I. A. Sbarcea" from Brasov.

The donations will help to equip the maternity ward with furniture, to ensure the best conditions for the mothers and the newborns during the hospitalization period. Thus, the maternity hospital "Dr. I. A. Sbarcea" received a donation consisting of Pampers diapers, 36 neonatal cribs, 18 wrapping tables and 18 nursing chairs.

"We thank the parents who have been involved in the campaign to give them a chance at the lives of mothers and children in areas of the globe affected by tetanus. We thank them for having decided to support their city, voting on the 'World of Moms' page. , for the Pampers donations to reach Brasov. Due to them, the mothers from this motherhood will be able to keep their children almost from the first moments of life and receive the best care during the hospitalization period, "says Pampers representative in Romania.

"The donations consisted of: tables for the baby, cribs for the newborns, chairs for the breastfeeding, diapers for the care of children and through these donations we had the possibility to arrange some rooms in which the mother to be together with the child. good child care, better contact and a very good relationship between mother and child ", Dr. Olimpia Petrescu, Neonatologist Primary Doctor of the Obstetrics - Gynecology Hospital" Dr. IA Sbarcea ".

Also present was Wilmark, the supporter of the "1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign: "I'm glad I had the opportunity to support this campaign. The fact that I am a parent motivated me even more, because I realize that there are many parents and children who need our help, "he said.

The first donation from the campaign "1 package = 1 vaccine" went to the hospitals Cantacuzino, Philanthropy and Pantelimon in Bucharest, the second donation arrived in Timisoara, to the Clinical Hospital "Dumitru Popescu" and to the County Clinical Hospital no. 1, and the third donation went to Iasi, in the maternity hospitals of "Cuza Voda" and "Elena Doamna" hospitals.

As in past years, parents in the country have been able to help tetanus-affected families around the world get a chance at life. As part of the "1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign, for each pack of diapers or wet towels purchased, with the sign of the campaign, Pampers donates to UNICEF the amount needed to purchase a tetanus vaccine.