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Feelings of fathers after the birth of the baby

Feelings of fathers after the birth of the baby

The news of the pregnancy and the thought that he will be a father have ecstatic your partner. Already imagine how he teaches the boy to play football or how to spoil the "little girl". But not even by the thought that after the baby is born, it will be filled with an amalgam of new emotions and feelings, in a new tactical posture.

It will be confusing

If there is something that differentiates the period of fresh daddy from the status of later daddy, that is the confusion or confusion that will be felt in the first months after the baby is born.

He will face contradictory feelings, because on the one hand he will be filled with feelings of pride, virility, power and manhood as he conceived a beautiful, healthy and powerful baby, and on the other hand he will feel helpless, weak and sensitive. in the face of the confusing needs of the little one. He will frequently swing between being a man and a simple helpless child in the face of a difficult problem.

You will discover a new way to love

He knows how to love his mother, wife, friends, relatives, but no kind of love compares to that of his own child. Therefore, the fresh father will be put in front of a new experience: love for his own child, which will be overwhelming and impressive. There is no single connection between mother and baby, and the father has that special relationship with him.

Will have ambivalent feelings

It would not be unusual for the father to find out, one day, when he was looking at his child that the intense passion he felt just a day ago was suddenly replaced with a feeling of numbness, emptiness. He will feel ashamed and guilty for these experiences, considering that he is not a good father.

But it is important for every father to know that ambivalence is natural when you are in this new position and that does not mean he has a problem. In addition, this condition will be experienced with other occasions in the many years when the child will grow up. So it would be good to get used to it!

It could lead to depression

Not only do mothers experience postnatal or post-natal depression, but fathers may also be "contaminated" by the "blue" condition that many women experience after birth. Unlike these, in men it does not have a hormonal cause, but rather it appears due to the fact that it is seen face to face with a reality that only imagines and overwhelms it: changed diapers, health problems, crying , missed nights, stress from work and home care, attention that is magnetized only by the baby, feeling slightly neglected, etc.

He'll be scared

The first months as a father are full of fears that are not usually part of the specific picture of a worthy and fearless man. He will be afraid that he is not or that he will not be a good father to meet the needs and expectations of the family, and to protect him sufficiently. Other types of fears refer to the care of the baby and to his health, the fear of not patching something, not getting sick etc. These are normal and some of them disappear over time, others remain for the life of the father.

You will feel changes in the feelings for those around you

The relationship with the mother, but also with the friends will undergo changes. The baby will become the center of his universe and all emotions, feelings will flow on him. Sometimes he will forget about his friends, even his care and love for his mother, but you must understand that it is a great pride for him to become a father. It will pass with time, but it is important to keep the lines of communication open and talk to him about these feelings.

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