Lucky babies win Milupa prizes for the whole family

Lucky babies win Milupa prizes for the whole family

Take part in the promotion and tell us your story!

Your baby has brought you only happy moments. His first smile, his first word, or his first steps fill you with pride as a parent.

Milupa is with your little one at every step, and now, besides balanced nutrition, it offers surprises for the whole family. Many babies are already enjoying the prizes of the promotion "With milk and cereal baby has a small car!", and your little one still has the chance to be one of the winners!

The big prize is still waiting for you!

Look for Milumil milk formula or Milupa cereals participating in the promotion and you can win, until April 3, one of the 10 car seats for children, 100 prizes consisting of Milupa products for your baby, for one year, or the big prize. : a Volkswagen Past.

And the story of your baby may be here. Here are some of the winners so far:

Maricica Pierdutu - "The eldest daughter has signed up for the promotion and I didn't even know what surprise awaits us!"

"I didn't read about the promotion on the box I bought. But my eldest daughter, 12 years old, was the one who forgot and found out about the promotion. She was the one who signed us up. at the competition and it made us a big surprise.

I was in the car when I was called and I didn't understand much ... at first I was confused, I didn't know if it was a joke or not, but in the end I clarified who made our surprise and I was very happy when I found out that I won Milupa products. "

Stancu Roxana bought Milupa cereals and won products for one year!

"I advise moms to try to provide their children with a balanced diet that contains all vitamins: fruits, vegetables ... I give them cereals because they like them very much and they are consistent.

I found out about the promotion on TV and decided to participate for my little girl. I received the news while playing in the house with my little girl, and the joy was shared by her. It was a great joy to find out that I am one of the winners. "

Remember: you have time until April 3 to count yourself among the lucky winners!