Is there an ideal age to become a mother?

Is there an ideal age to become a mother?

Age plays an essential role in the conception of a baby and in becoming a mother, both physiologically and psychologically. In an age when many women give up this privilege or postpone it until it's too late, the question arises whether there is a certain age, the most appropriate one to become pregnant!

Regardless of how young you feel, how fit you are, or how well you "hide" your age, your body knows best what your real age is and reacts as such. Thus, as time goes by, fertility decreases and the chances of having children decrease as well. In addition, neither psychologically nor will you have the openness and patience needed to grow a baby at a young age.

The right age to get pregnant from a physiological point of view

The maximum fertility age in women occurs around 18 years. That doesn't mean it's the ideal age. Up to 25 years, women go through a period of maximum fertility. Starting with 26 years, fertility gradually declines over a period of 10 years. And at the age of 35, your fertility decreases even faster, so at age 40 it will be very difficult for you to fulfill a dream that you have postponed. About 2/3 of women trying to have a baby after 40 years have major problems in being able to get pregnant.

Obviously, women are fertile even before the age of 18. Specifically, the pregnancy can occur in the life of a little girl with the installation of the menses, even at 11 anisors. It is certain that at this age the child is not psychologically prepared to face such a responsibility.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which women over the past 50 years have succeeded in giving birth to healthy and powerful children. However, the risks these mothers take are enormous, because the risk of developing congenital malformations such as Down syndrome is the highest.

It is certain that from the physiological point of view the age indicated and recommended to get pregnant with minimal risks in terms of complications (loss of pregnancy, congenital malformations, etc.) is around the age of 20, between 18 and maximum 25 .

Psychological age, paradoxes

There is a paradox regarding the right age to become a mother psychologically and emotionally.

While between 18 and 25 years your body is best prepared for a pregnancy, your psychological and emotional state may be at diametrically opposite dimensions. It is an age when young people are in full professional ascension, eager to assert themselves in a career, to finish certain studies, so that they do not feel ready to become mothers.

On the other hand, after 35 years most of the women have made a family, have a stable career, have finished their studies and have only left to impregnate their family with another member wishing a baby with all their heart. After this age, however, the body does not help them so much in its conception, the chances of fertility decreasing considerably.

And then, what is the compromise solution?

Specialists argue that the 25-35 year period is one of the most appropriate periods to try to become a mother. This age is one in which the risks are not totally absent, but they are minimal. It is the period when women become emotionally prepared.

Other considerations that are taken when trying to schedule your pregnancy are:

  • finances;

  • housing aspect;

  • the family;

  • impact on other children;

  • partner's desire, etc.

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