How can you raise happy children? Seminar for parents

How can you raise happy children? Seminar for parents

As part of the campaign "Your child is Mr. Goe?" we have already had 3 online seminars in which we talked about how we handle hysterical crisis behaviors, frustrations, annoyances and unpleasant moments when a divorce, a separation occurs in the family life.

For next week, Tuesday, March 15 at 7pm, we will launch a challenge!

This time we will surprise you with a workshop that will be held at the Educational Center with up to 20 parents to discuss the theme "Mr. happy Goe".
Why do we do this?

Because it is a topic about communication, about how we communicate with our child, what ideas we keep in mind, how we listen to them to understand what they want, how we parents can get under the skin of the child and perceive that on a good friend and eventually a good confidant.
Children can be happy, they can see in their parents a trusted partner and a confidant, but it all depends on how we handle communication from birth.
We will talk about feelings and patterns in the child's life and, more than that, the theme involves play and a role exchange. Let's get into the baby's skin!
To register, send an email to [email protected] and specify the age of the child to prepare the workshop as adapted to the age of your children.

If you have friends with children who you think would need this information, feel free to share it with them.

The workshop is part of Mr. Goe's campaign and we do not charge the participation fee.

Iulia Pantazi Educational Center for Children and Parents