How do you cope with pregnancy when you are overweight? Tips tested

How do you cope with pregnancy when you are overweight? Tips tested

Overweight and pregnancy do not balance very well. When you become pregnant and you are overweight you are exposed to both your health and your baby to very high risks: loss of pregnancy, prematurity, birth defects, obesity in the baby, etc. How can you carry out a pregnancy without complications? Here are some tricks that overweight moms used during pregnancy!

Talk openly with your doctor

Your doctor will probably recommend a few techniques and methods to keep your weight down. But do not hesitate to ask him absolutely everything that goes through your head regarding the state in which you are, cravings and other foods from which you can not refrain and can harm you. The doctor is not there to criticize you, but to help you cope better with the situation you are in. Many moms claim that they have been helped and supported by their doctor in the struggle with the kilograms in pregnancy.

It is important to have full confidence in your doctor. He will set you a complete list of what to do and eat to better control your weight. There will be situations in which you will cheat and violate the rules. Do not be embarrassed to tell him, it is for your own good and the baby's tummy to keep you up to date with everything you undertake. Any wrong step you are hiding could turn against you, causing you trouble!

Keep a diet log

It is one of the secrets to which a lot of overweight pregnancies have appealed. When you become pregnant, your appetite increases considerably. And since you probably already have an appetite above normal limits, it will be difficult to keep track of the calorie and fat waves during pregnancy. Noting all the foods you eat helps you set boundaries when you tend to exceed them.

Eat healthy, but don't diet

Or at least not one thought and chosen by you, say the overweight mothers! It is not advisable to restrict the access of the fetus to certain nutrients just to keep you fit. If you really want to do this, establish with your doctor a diet formula appropriate to your condition so that you do not endanger the development of the fetus. Many moms have experienced fetal development problems because of this!

Watch out for folic acid from pregnancy

Specialists argue that the recommended daily dose of folic acid in pregnancy in general may not be sufficient for overweight pregnant women. So, many moms advise future pregnant women to be interested, if not told by their doctors, about the correct amount of folic acid to take. This is essential in the development of the fetus and in the fight against congenital malformations.

Avoid caloric traps in beverages

A mom claims that when she told the doctor what she eats and what she usually drinks, she finds that most of her calories do not come from food, but from what she drinks. It is possible for you to be in the same situation, which is why it is best to avoid sugary drinks and sugary drinks (nor should you overdo them in a day, because they also have calories) and limit yourself with plenty of water, skimmed milk and soft drinks (tea, compote, etc.).

I move daily

Even 15 minutes a day of daily walking or running make the difference in weight. Pregnancy is not a disease and you should not lie in bed. Overweight moms who moved during pregnancy claim that it helped them to be even more energetic and keep their weight under control. Even the birth was easier to bear!

Call a nutrition specialist

If you feel that the situation gets out of control and that you can no longer cope with the accumulation of kilos in pregnancy, call a specialist who will make you a personalized diet program, which will help you to feel satiated and to help you You also control the weight. Fearing the loss of pregnancy, many moms took this step and said they were pleased with how their body evolved both during pregnancy and after birth. Some of them claim that they managed to lose weight faster after birth.

Drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day

Or in other words, consume at least 2 liters of water daily! Water not only does not add calories to the body but it helps to relieve the feeling of hunger, creating an impression of satiety. In addition, hydration is essential for your health and your baby's health.

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