Fear of becoming a dad

Fear of becoming a dad

Pregnant women experience a variety of emotions and psychological changes during pregnancy. And dads have a whole set of emotions and feelings that they have been trying for since their baby was born. So, if future dads feel panicked, overwhelmed, unprepared, frightened or anxious, they should know that they are not alone and that they are normal fears and feelings.

Sources of fears of future Tatars

Related to money

Raising and caring for a child can be extremely expensive, especially in times of recession, but it is often exaggerated. It is not the case that the fathers panic. With your mother's support and a well-planned and organized plan, you will be able to cope with the expenses. It is true that it is possible to cut from small pleasures or other pleasures, but your baby is worth every sacrifice. In addition, babies need more love and attention than expensive things.

Related to paternity

It is not unusual for future fathers to have doubts about the paternity of the baby. This fear arises if the relationship with the future mother is recent or unstable. In other cases, these thoughts that grind on dads come from low self-esteem rather than rational reasons. It is important for future fathers to avoid letting such irrational thoughts affect their relationship with their partner or judgment.

Related to good parenting status

This is the most common fear of future fathers: whether or not they will be good parents! There is also a positive part of these thoughts that grinds their souls and sometimes the reason: if they meditate on this it means that they take seriously their future status and that they give all their interest! There is no perfect recipe for parents when it comes to raising children, this is learned on the plot, as they face different situations! It is important to strengthen the relationship with the future baby from the womb!

Related to one's own life and personal freedom

The concern of the tactics that they will lose some freedom with the appearance of the child is common. The baby imposes new rules and reorganizes the lives of the tactics, whether they want it or not: they will not be able to come and go when they want, to go out with friends when they want and so on.

Now they are divided between the domestic activities, the service, and the free time is granted to the pampers, the baby bottles and the bathing or the sleeping child. Even the relationship with the partner enters a shadow cone and you may feel that they are more neglected. It is important to communicate your concerns openly and make plans together to handle your baby's care.

Related to sex life

As I said, the relationship with the partner could be easily neglected, especially immediately after the baby is born. The couple's sex life will be greatly diminished! In the first 6 weeks, the mother recovers after birth and sex is forbidden, then, when she receives confirmation that she can have sex, she may not find time for you and for the intimate moments between child care, home and services. In addition, the mother's libido can be diminished after birth for an indefinite period.

There are frustrations and normal worries of the tactics regarding the sexual evolution of the couple: "will this always be from now on?", "If we don't find time for us anymore", "he doesn't want me anymore!" and so on Find out about the recovery of your mother's body after birth and the changes that occur, to know why your partner sometimes reacts in some way to your approaches and communicate openly with her.

In addition, the child does not have control in your relationship, it is up to you to make time in the program to revive your sex life!

These are just some of the fears of the tactics, but they are not to be overcome. It depends on each dad how they feel, but the most appropriate ways to deal with them are:

- talk with your partner about any kind of care you have;

- call on the support of friends (especially if they are also fathers);

- Join online discussion groups, where you find dads who go through the same countries and ask for advice;

- talk to a psychologist if you feel that these worries intervene more than you should in your life.

What did your partner fear? How did you handle the situation? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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