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Red clover treats infertility

Red clover treats infertility

Red clover is one of the plants with extremely effective healing effect. Besides the usual diseases that it can treat, it seems to have a special effect on the fertility of women. Helps combat infertility by hormonal balancing.

Description of the plant

The red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a herbaceous plant that is fully found on the territory of Romania, in the hill and mountain area.

The plant has a strong and long root (up to 1 m) and has red-purple flowers. The leaves are arranged 3 each, as the name suggests.

It is a plant used in agriculture and animal husbandry, but it also has multiple healing properties for humans. For herbal purposes, the flowers of the plant are used.

What influences and why is it beneficial?

The red clover helps restore female hormonal balance by toning the uterus and encouraging hormone secretions.

In addition, it helps stimulate the female reproductive tract. It is rich in vitamins (complex B), minerals (especially calcium and magnesium) and many proteins. These help both to detoxify the blood, as well as to improve its circulation, which helps to bleed the vaginal area and all organs involved in reproduction.

What does the red clover treat?

As a medicinal plant, red clover can be used to treat respiratory infections, rheumatism, lung disease, anemia, abdominal colic, kidney disease, syphilis and many more. It is also an excellent tonic for the body, and the specialists have discovered the benefits it has on maximizing fertility.

The plant also contains, in addition to the vitamins and minerals mentioned, flavonoids, volatile oil, fats, albumin, carotene, cellulose which gives effect:

  • infective;

  • antifungal;

  • emollient;

  • diuretic;

  • detoxifying;

  • anti-inflammatory;

  • asthmatic;

  • antitussive etc.

Method of preparation

This plant can be prepared in several ways:

  • infusions;

  • decoctions;

  • tinctures;

  • energy drinks, etc.

The best form of red clover administration to stimulate female fertility is tea. It should be made from dried plants, not fresh.


The infusion should be prepared from 15 grams of dried red clover flowers in half a liter of water. Drink 1-2 to a maximum of 4 cups of tea per day.

The treatment with red clover tea to maximize fertility should be followed for longer, even months to see the results. Red clover is even more effective for stimulating fertility if it is associated with dried raspberry leaves.


Women who have problems with blood clotting should not consume red clover tea because it also has a blood thinning effect. Nor should it be consumed by women who have just undergone surgery.

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