10 things to do in the first trimester of pregnancy

10 things to do in the first trimester of pregnancy

The emotions of the news that you are pregnant will not disappear the entire task. After receiving all the necessary greetings and confirming the doctor that you will be a mother, do you think, now what do I have to do? We help you organize everything you need to do to get through the first trimester of pregnancy without any problems.

Look for a doctor to take the pregnancy on time

Surveillance and prenatal testing are crucial and required to ensure that the pregnancy will run smoothly through to the end. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, it is time to decide with which gynecologist / obstetrician you want to go further.

Once you have chosen him, set up a first consultation with him and ask him all the questions and curiosities or fears you have regarding the evolution of the pregnancy. Somewhere in week 10 or 12 you will have the first prenatal medical consultation.

Notify your partner that you are pregnant

But do it in a way you don't expect! Make it a big surprise by buying various baby accessories and putting them in strategic places, putting a baby wallpaper on your work laptop or cooking a special meal.

Find out what restrictions you have on your task

It is important that from now on you purify all the things you come in contact with to see if they affect the pregnancy or not. Make sure you stay away from foods, teas and medicines prohibited during pregnancy.

Ask your doctor about all the things you are allowed to do and ask for his or her opinion before playing sports, traveling or other things that could endanger the baby.

Find out what to eat

You have to eat healthy, but not necessarily double, as many pregnant women think! You need to focus on foods that are beneficial to the baby in your tummy (which contain vitamins and minerals that help you grow), but also essential foods that will give you power and energy to carry the pregnancy to term in excellent physical condition.

Ask the doctor how many kilograms are recommended to take until the end of the 9 months and what is the daily calorie intake suitable for you. Also, ask him about the prenatal vitamins you should take in pregnancy and what he recommends.

It is essential to hydrate yourself

Do not let emotions, stress and worries distract you from nutrition and hydration. Not many pregnant women pay enough attention to the water during pregnancy and it is very wrong.

Dehydration during pregnancy can have very serious repercussions on the fetus. Your body needs rich water resources to cope with the very large volume of blood that circulates in your body and feeds the fetus.

Take up sports

Even from the first trimester of pregnancy you must pay special attention to physical exercises. These are essential and welcome during all 9 months. However, you must strictly adhere to certain rules when it comes to the dose of physical exertion and the types of sports that are forbidden. Talk to your doctor about these!

Find out what rights you have in the workplace when you are pregnant

Most likely, by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, you will have to announce the pregnancy at work. Do not do this before finding out what your legal rights are, in order to be prepared for any reaction.

The pregnancy diary begins

The pregnancy diary is essential for both your physical and mental health. The first quarter is an overwhelming one in terms of emotions and transformations. Therefore, it is a good time to keep the most beautiful thoughts on the paper, but also worries, fears, dilemmas and expectations of pregnancy, or the way you imagine the baby in the womb.

Gathering all the thoughts and experiences you have experienced during pregnancy is a special reward for you, but it also has a side of medical utility. It will be a precious memory over the years, when you would give it to your child.

Rest as much as you can

You will need full rest in this trimester, because fatigue is a common symptom of pregnancy during this period. So sleep and relax as long as time allows. It is the case to charge the batteries for the next 2 quarters in which sleep and rest will be real challenges.

Think about how you will be born and where

It's not too early to think about it. Find out about the types of birth and ask your doctor about your worries when it comes to this time.

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