Pregnancy skin itching, normal or not?

Pregnancy skin itching, normal or not?

Skin itches are not unusual occurrences in pregnancy. Not all pregnant women experience them, but they can be said to be part of the less pleasant pregnancy symptoms. Find out if these are a problem and how you can improve them!

What are the causes of skin itching in pregnancy?

Pregnant skin itches are located especially in the area of ​​the constantly expanding belly and breasts, which increase with more passing day. These appear because of the extent of the skin in these areas, necessary for adaptation to the evolution of pregnancy.

It seems that hormonal changes are responsible for this symptom.

If you suffer from pre-existing conditions of pregnancy - dry skin, eczema, allergies - they will become more acute and they will be more intense during pregnancy.

Pregnancy disorders associated with skin problems

A percentage of 1% of the pregnant women develop during the pregnancy a condition characterized by small red baseballs and itching on the belly, called itching or urticarial papules or polymorphous eruption of pregnancy.

This condition often occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy and especially among women with twin pregnancies or who are pregnant for the first time. It is not a risk for either the mother or the baby, but it is a very uncomfortable problem, the itching can be unbearable.

The doctor may prescribe some medicines and other solutions to relieve the unpleasant sensation, but the disease disappears by itself after birth.

Another condition, even rarer than that polymorphic eruption, It is pregnancy pruritus or in other words, papular eruptions of pregnancy. Pregnancy prurigo is characterized by small bumps that resemble insect bites. These eruptions can occur anywhere on the surface of your body, but especially on hands, feet, arms and legs. However, this condition does not seem to present any risk to the baby in the womb.

In extremely rare cases, a pregnant woman will develop an extremely severe itching that initially starts as a hives and develops into large lesions. This is a dermatosis called gestational pemphigoid. The eruption occurs in the first phase on the abdomen and can extend to the hands or feet.

Can Skin Leaks Be Dangerous In Pregnancy?

Severe itching in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy can be a sign of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. This is a problem of the liver that appears, which is quite rare, but must be considered.

When the ball does not flow normally into the small channels of the liver, bile salts accumulate in the skin and cause itching. But this is quite intense. The condition does not cause a rash on the skin, but it may show red, irritated skin.

If you suspect this condition, it is important to go to the doctor urgently as it may affect the normal development of the fetus.

How Can You Improve Skin Dandruff During Pregnancy?

  • Avoid hot showers and hot baths, because they dry your skin very hard and make itching difficult to bear.

  • Use creamy soap and make sure you rinse very well. Dry the skin gently with the towel by tamping.

  • Get body lotion after every shower or bath. Use odorless products. Some perfumes from body creams can cause skin irritation or worsen the symptom.

  • Try to make an occasional bath with oatmeal. You can buy special bath products that contain oatmeal from pharmacies or from pharma.

  • Wear loose clothing, made of cotton.

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