ISTA International Festival at Tandarica Theater

ISTA International Festival at Tandarica Theater

The Tandarica Animation Theater remains faithful to its program of diversifying its own range of actions in order to educate the young audience, training as a future spectator and theater lover.

Eager to explore other "worlds", he initiated a partnership with the British School for the organization of the ISTA Festival on January 26-29. International School Theater Association (ISTA) is an organization founded in the United Kingdom, with the purpose of bringing theater and acting to international schools.

The organization brings together teachers, actors, students from all over the world, for whom theater is the binder, as well as a means of education, of leisure, of knowing the culture of each one. Price is placed on collaboration, diversity, verbal and bodily communication, friendship, collegiality, play, otherwise generally human values ​​in any society.

ISTA organizes festivals for students of all ages from all over the world, also offering training to theater teachers from international schools.

Currently, in Bucharest, there are two ISTA member schools, the British School and the American International School, and this year, the host of the International Festival was chosen the British School. At the event that will take place at the Tandarica Theater there will be schools from Denmark, Portugal, Egypt, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany and Turkey. There will be a total of 143 students, together with their teachers, who will work in groups to finally present a show.

The students and their teachers, as well as the other participants in this festival will have the opportunity to watch the show "Goat with three goats" by Ion Creanga, directed by Cristian Pepino, production of the Tandarica theater. The show, which is a universal story valid with well-known literary variants and in the countries participating in the ISTA festival in Bucharest, will be played in English.

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