Babies abandoned in Bucharest need diapers - The Big Lunch

Babies abandoned in Bucharest need diapers - The Big Lunch

Babies abandoned in Bucharest need diapers - The Big Lunch

On September 27, Young Initiative Association participate in the fundraising event "The Big Lunch", organized by Bucharest Community Foundation. The participation of the Association aims to support the institutionalized babies from Sector 4 on the part of sanitary-hygienic materials (diapers).

Humanitarian action is entitled "A clean baby is a happy baby", its purpose is to collect donations for the purchase of diapers, so that the organizers contribute to supporting the activity Child Abuse Reception Center Sector 4. Within the Center there are also a large number of abandoned babies, and because of the large number of fluctuations in the number of children there are times when the stock of diapers available to the institution is much smaller than the needs of babies.

So, hygiene of the little ones It can sometimes be a problem, because the funds allocated to the institution are insufficient to meet the new challenges. The normal development and health of the babies in the center depends to a large extent on ensuring a sufficient quantity of diapers, so we intend to solve this problem as much as possible through a fundraising campaign dedicated to ensuring a sufficient quantity of diapers in the coming months.

AYI will participate in The Big Lunch in partnership with Good morning Trattoria, organizing a cultural dinner. Those who will have a meal on Saturday, September 27, at Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei (within the City Grill restaurant chain), will have a surprise with the literary flavor and the possibility to browse books about hobbies. between 12:00 and 17:00, all the guests of the restaurant will have access to an improvised library, and between 13:00 and 14:00, the poet Gabriela Toma, representative Bucharest Metropolitan Library will be present at lunch, facilitating the literary event. within this activity, restaurant customers will be able to donate to support our cause.

Those who wish to support the activity of the Association can donate on the Galantom platform: //fcb.galantom.ro/donations/add?id_fundraising_page=584 or directly at Impact Hub Bucharest, on September 27, where the Young Initiative Association will be present with a stand food prepared by volunteers.

A donated lion means a purchased diaper, and the objective for this event is the purchase of 12,000 diapers, which will cover the needs of the beneficiary center for a period of 6 months.

About the Young Initiative Association

The Young Initiative Association (AYI) is a non-profit organization established in 2009, which offers children and young people the educational tools necessary to develop personally and professionally so as to contribute effectively to the building of tomorrow.

About The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch Bucharest takes place on September 27 and is a community event and fundraising event in Bucharest. We aim to make the largest lunch in the capital together with NGOs, initiative groups, companies, restaurants, bistros, bloggers, families, groups of friends and even neighbors.

The Big Lunch Bucharest aims to fundraise for 15 community causes in a single day, over several hours. Anyone can organize lunch at home, at work, in the park, on the terrace or even at the favorite restaurant, and the sums raised will go to one or more causes proposed on the platform.