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Typical communication problems in children 4-5 years old

Typical communication problems in children 4-5 years old

By the age of 4-5, the child must already have some solid language and speaking skills and be able to engage in regular conversations. He is able to read sentences and phrases of 5 or more words and has a vocabulary that includes up to 2000 words. However, there are children who fail to develop normally by this age, in terms of communication. Here are some typical communication problems at this age!

Typical communication problems for preschoolers


The problems or difficulties that the preschoolers face at this age and which you must follow carefully are:

  • hearing difficulties;
  • problems with the ability to track multiple sources simultaneously;
  • difficulty in conversation;
  • poor ability to memorize and enrich vocabulary;
  • difficulties in learning numbers and colors;
  • grammar and syntax difficulties;
  • blurred speech (heavy speech, pronunciation mistakes, stuttering, etc.).

Some of these problems can be easily overcome without therapeutic help. They should be closely monitored and their evolution monitored.
It is important to take care of yourself and to help the little boy overcome these problems, involving him in activities and games that develop his speech (reading stories, word games, frequent conversations, etc.). If the problems persist, go to the doctor.

What measures should you take?

In case you suspect a communication problem with your child, related to hearing, language or clarity of speech, go to the pediatrician for further investigations.
The pediatrician will first use a hearing test to find out if your baby has a medical problem in this regard.
If the test results come out negative and your child is medically healthy, he or she will most likely refer you to a speech therapist's office (specialist in speech problems in children). After a consultation and a discussion with the child, the speech therapist will inform you if there are valid treatments or if the child has benefit from speech therapy techniques. If he discovers that communication problems reside in severe emotional trauma, it is possible to go with him to a psychologist.

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