The road education of the child, what should you learn?

The road education of the child, what should you learn?

Road traffic rules are essential to protect the child from accidents, so frequent in the last period in our country. It is not long until your little one for the first time passes alone on the street and will have to face a lot of traffic rules. From learning the colors of the traffic light, the traffic signs necessary to cross the street and until crossing it only on the zebra, the little one must learn to handle traffic.

Teach him the basic rules of walking on the street since he was little!

From 1-2 anisors it is time to start constantly repeating the traffic rules on the street. Teach him to never walk alone on the street and look in both directions before crossing, holding hands.
Always remind them to sit only on the sidewalk when you are walking or walking on the street and not venture on the road for anything in the world (even if the ball or toy is missing). Explain to them why they should not do this or what the consequences of such behavior are.

Teach him the basic traffic signs for crossing the street!

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First of all you have to explain to them that the street is not crossed anywhere and that there are some special areas where it can safely travel. These are:

  • traffic light areas;
  • areas with pedestrian marking - zebra;
  • areas with "pedestrian crossing" indicators.

Your little one must learn them one at a time. Explain to him how he crosses the traffic light, the zebra or the signs, but the most important thing is to understand that when it is green for pedestrians, when he sees the zebra or indicator, he must make sure that all cars lined up they stopped and only then set foot on the street. Today, these markings or markers no longer offer anyone's safety, and precautions and precautions must be stepped up.
Learning the traffic light seems simple, but the little boy must understand that the signs that apply to pedestrians are the two in the form of little men and that they are in 2 colors: green and red. You should never orient yourself by the colors of the traffic light that gives indications to the cars (the 3 colors - red, yellow).
Your little one should know that if he started to cross, he is in the middle of the street, and the pedestrian traffic light begins to blink, it is time to hurry up, because it will soon turn red. It always encourages the child not to get too busy on the street, but to rush when crossing the street, but only after making sure that he meets the necessary conditions, related to the marking, signs and crossing areas.
If there are no sidewalks and signs of passage, teach the child to always walk on the left side of the road, as far as the edge, so that they have visibility and see when passing cars.
Take advantage of all the walks you do with your little one to exemplify their traffic rules and help them learn, retain and put them into practice. Test it from time to time by asking it what to do when you are in front of a street with or without zebra, traffic light or signs, but do not get upset if you do not know. Repeat them always until you learn them and put them into practice!

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