Things to do vs. things to avoid for fertility!

Things to do vs. things to avoid for fertility!

Fertility is one of the functions of the body that you have to take great care of, both as a woman and as a man.

Fertility must be fully protected and enhanced so that both partners can become parents, one of the most exalting experiences of life. To protect and protect your fertility, here are some things you need to do and others that should be avoided at all costs!

What should you do for fertility?

Go to the doctor for tests before trying to get pregnant!

Do not expect to go to a doctor until you realize you have a problem and do not get pregnant, although you have been trying for a while.

Both you and your partner must go to the doctor to get the necessary tests before trying to make a baby.

Take care of your diet!

Your diet must undergo minor changes, which will be in favor of fertility. Add fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins and minerals to your menu. Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Do not look for the culprit, but specialized help!

In the case of infertility diagnosis, the partners tend to blame each other for the inability to become parents. It's totally wrong.

Instead of looking for the culprits, better look for solutions and help at special fertility clinics or even the psychologist if needed.

What should you not do for fertility?

Do not isolate yourself from friends, communicate with them, but especially with your life partner!

Communication can be healing when it comes to infertility. Talking freely and openly with your loved ones and downloading your worries and worries is like a stone taken from the heart.

You have the chance to improve your relationship with your neighbors, but also with your boyfriend and make the best decisions together to become parents.

Don't just consider in vitro fertilization!

In vitro fertilization is not the only solution for infertility treatment. Before you get used to assisted human reproduction techniques, consider all the drug treatments that stimulate fertility and carefully investigate the causes of sterility, to see if they can be treated.

Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed!

Besides the fact that there are a lot of women in this world who face the same problem as yours, infertility is a current problem among couples and there is nothing shameful about it.

Infertility is a medical condition, not a personal desire or choice. The sooner you accept that you have no reason to fear or be embarrassed, the faster you take steps to become a parent, by whatever means you and your partner find best suited to your situation.

Do not lose hope!

The attitude towards infertility can be decisive in overcoming it. The more positive you are, the optimist and you see things in a good light, the more you will become a mom sooner.

It is important to manage to keep your hope alive and not let yourself be beaten, despite the times when you will feel that you are losing your patience or that you are at the end of the powers.

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