Childhood fever - natural remedies

Childhood fever - natural remedies

There are several European countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, where the use of antibiotics in children is subject to severe generalized restrictions and their use is accepted only in cases of extreme severity and if it is a last resort to support vital functions. .

In us, antibiotics are often prescribed simply for the reason that the child does not have any infection and / or escapes from febrile episodes. It is very easy to forget that the immunity of a human being is formed in childhood, especially during subfebrile and febrile episodes in the 37.5 - 38.5 degrees Celsius range of body temperature.

For children's fever, almost all parents use ibuprofen or paracetamol preparations that combine antipyretic and analgesic effects. It is wrong to use these medicines before a child has a temperature above 38.2 - 38.3, as you give him or her any chance of being immunized and prone to allergies and / or immune deficiencies.

The natural products Homeorespirator, Homeosistemic and Homeoimunosang are natural and homeopathic dietary supplements with no adverse and side effects which, administered in pediatric fever conditions, shorten the manifestation period and, through their effect on organocellular balancing, contribute to the development of immunity, so that it reduces the risk of recurrence.