8 advantages of the cesarean section

8 advantages of the cesarean section

Birth is one of the most important moments in a woman's life, and the anxiety of bringing a child into the world in safe conditions affects every future mother in one form or another. While natural birth remains the recommended option for pregnant physicians with normal pregnancy, there are also situations where the most desirable alternative is surgery. Apart from the risks involved, there are also a number of advantages to the operation caesarean.

Due to the progress made by modern medicine in the last decades, the cesarean section has become a much safer procedure by improving the medical equipment and the vast experience of the surgeons. Therefore, more and more women are heading for this type of birth even if they are not constrained, being attracted by the rather rewarding benefits.

Increased intimacy

Labor and birth naturally require, among other things, the future mother to expose for hours the intimate parts of nurses who check her dilation, in a position not flattering for a stingy thread. Caesarean birth ends in maximum 45 minutes, and the private area is protected from everyone's eyes.

Birth scheduling

When you expect the baby to arrive in the world naturally, you never know when the big moment will surprise you. The comfort of scheduling the birth, knowing at the same time that you have the opportunity to prepare yourself from all points of view for receiving the newborn in the world, is a major advantage of giving birth caesarean.

The baby is ready for pictures

All newborn babies look perfect in their own way, but those who come to the world after surgery are more photogenic due to the perfect round head. Children crossing the birth canal have a slightly elongated head shape, because of the limited space through which they slip in the journey towards daylight.

More attention for pain relief

Doctors are more concerned about alleviating the pain of newborn mothers after a surgery caesarean, only after a normal birth. If in the second case you are recommended warm compresses and resting in bed, following the surgery you will see more precautionary measures taken by the specialists who assist you.

More care from your loved ones

Even if everyone is managing the health of any new mom, the fact that you have undergone an abdominal surgery will exponentially increase the care that your loved ones are giving you. Recovery from birth through Caesarean section is more difficult, which means that for several weeks, you are not allowed to make any effort. Someone else will take care of cooking, cleaning, shopping and other household chores - on the order of the doctor!

The intimate area is not affected

Many women who give birth vaginally find that sex life is at least as satisfying as before. On the other hand, there are mothers who have recovered more difficult, especially if they have undergone an episiotomy (incision of the perineum, in the area between the vagina and anus).

In the case of birth through caesarean, the intimate area is not affected, so they are 100% likely to resume sexual activity quickly and satisfyingly. In addition, there are other benefits that should not be ignored. Urinary incontinence comes out of this case because the pelvic wall remains intact.

Baby safety

Bringing a healthy baby to the world is the basic goal of any pregnancy, and a caesarean section most often ensures its fulfillment. Even if you will have to endure the consequences of the surgery more, you will feel relieved that you have not risked anything in regards to the health of your little one.

The extended care received in the hospital

Nowhere is it at home, but good postnatal care in the chosen medical unit is extremely useful on delicate days after birth. Most of the women who go through it cesarean section it benefits from a hospitalization of 3 or 4 days minimum, in comparison with the mothers who give birth naturally and are discharged in about 2 days.

Take advantage of the help and advice of nurses, who can give you useful tips in baby care, any difficulties in breastfeeding and such valuable information.

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