What does the safety of your child mean?

What does the safety of your child mean?

A recent report from the European Commission shows that Romania is ranked 3rd in Europe in the number of domestic accidents: in our country, two lives are lost in accidents inside the home.

For any family, the safety of the children must be first. And as good security goes through bad danger, it is important to make choices that reduce the risk of injury in the long run.

Why is glass important for the safety and protection of children?

Not only because, in the case of the break, there is the risk of injury to the drums, but also because there is the risk of falling when a window or even the door of the balcony or terrace is broken. For safety, choose laminated glass that offers protection against injury, fall, vandalism and burglary, because, in case of breakage, the glass fragments (pieces) remain glued to the laminating film. Also, the bodies that caused the glass to break are retained.

SGG STADIP laminated glass combines comfort and safety

Choose informed and opt for safety and protection with SGG STADIP® laminated glass. Thus, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury and protect the most valuable asset of life: children.

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