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Loss of libido and its causes

Loss of libido and its causes

From a medical point of view, decreased libido is a more common problem in women than in men. This is because male sexual desire has predominantly physiological origins, while female desire is largely influenced by a multitude of psychological factors.
Precisely the complexity of the female libido often makes it difficult to identify the causes of a diminution of the disposition to make love. The openness of the woman within the intimate is due to a general satisfaction regarding the relationship with the partner and the way in which her life unfolds.



The accumulation of causes underlying the decrease in libido consists of various factors, from medical conditions to psychological disorders:

  • diseases: kidney disease, neurological or arterial disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, hypertension;
  • drugs: antidepressants, antipsychotics, chemotherapies;
  • alcohol and drug abuse;
  • obesity and anorexia;
  • surgical operations;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • discomfort during sex;
  • hormonal disorders (pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, menopause, etc.);
  • psychological causes: depression, stress;
  • anxiety, complex, relationship problems, physical or emotional abuse, sexual identity problems.


The first step that a woman with low libido is recommended to do is, of course, consult a doctor. In the first instance, a complete set of analyzes will be elucidating regarding the causes of a physical nature. These may be trivially deficient in vitamins or a slight imbalance
If no medical problem is detected, a counseling session with a psychotherapist can be elucidating for hidden emotional problems, responsible for reducing sexual appetite.
Couple therapy is also useful for an intimate relationship that is going through a difficult time. The specialist can offer you tips for better communication in the bedroom and outside. Medications designed to stimulate women's libido have not really proven their effectiveness so far. The creams and dietary supplements that address the problem in question also have relative effects on improving the sexual life.
Foods with aphrodisiac role (oysters, ginger, asparagus, etc.) and aromas that stimulate a woman's passion (almond, amber, musk, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.) can be a real help in regaining normal libido in a couple's life. .