Situations in which it is not advisable to become pregnant

Situations in which it is not advisable to become pregnant

The pregnancy is a period that must be carefully planned and for which all necessary measures must be taken for its normal and uncomplicated development. While some women do not want to become pregnant or cannot due to fertility problems, there are situations when it is not recommended to become pregnant, even if they are fertile, or do so only after taking special medical measures.
There are medical conditions or diseases that can put an end to your dream of becoming pregnant and having a baby. If they are not detected before trying to conceive, they are considered very risky not only for pregnancy, but also for your health and life. Therefore, it is very important to carry out the necessary tests and analyzes in preconception. Detecting these conditions not only saves your life, it also protects you from the drama of losing a pregnancy.


There are a lot of risks you take when you become pregnant while suffering from hyperthyroidism. The baby is at risk of being born with a series of serious problems and problems. There is a danger of severe bleeding, but preventing the proper neurological development of the baby.
Before trying to conceive a baby, make sure you do not suffer from thyroid problems by performing a very simple test.


Hemophilia is a very serious genetic disease characterized by blood clotting problems. You expose yourself to a great danger if you become pregnant while suffering from this condition. Complications lead not only to loss of pregnancy, but also to your life. And if you wait until the birth, there is a risk that after losing a very large amount of blood, you may endanger your life in an attempt to save the child.


Diabetes does not prevent you from becoming pregnant, as long as you know about it and keep it under control, and when you want to conceive, you should consult with your doctor about the best measures to prevent complications.
But if you do not know that you have diabetes and you are still pregnant, then you are at direct risk of giving birth to a baby who is too low to give birth before birth or with serious birth defects.

Genetic diseases

It is good to think seriously if you want to become pregnant if you suffer from genetic diseases, because the risks are very high. There is a dominant gene that can be transmitted to the future baby in pregnancy. In this way a lot of mental, but also physiological diseases, as well as hemophilia, are transmitted.
The analyzes and tests performed in preconception do not highlight this risk. Talk to your doctor about all the medical features of you and your partner, but also about your family history, because only in this way will you be able to tell if you are at risk of transmitting any illness to the baby. If you are suspected of such a disease, you will be subjected to several tests and will inform you about the risks of a future pregnancy.

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