How NOT to teach your children about modesty

How NOT to teach your children about modesty

Modesty is a difficult concept for children to understand, so it is a topic that needs to be addressed with them in adolescence. It is an essential virtue for any human being, from whom he gains respect, sympathy and friends around him. It is also a mirror for the respect and self-esteem that the child wears and shows to others.

From the desire to learn more easily what this virtue means, parents tend to fall prey to frequent mistakes in how they teach their children to be modest!

He did not associate modesty with dress

Just because a person dresses more eccentrically, opulent or vulgar, does not mean that it is devoid of modesty. Therefore, it is not advisable to present the child with modesty in the light of how he chooses his clothes or not. It is true that some people send various messages or signals through clothing, but these are not particularly related to modesty.

Modesty is involved in all aspects of life, not just in the style of clothing chosen. Mostly, it is reflected in the behavior. You must see "beyond clothes" when you talk to the child about modesty, and his talk always refers to the respect he has to bear for his own body, but also for the others.

Discussions about dress style and modesty are two separate issues. Discuss them separately, in order to prevent the little one from making offensive remarks to people around him who are dressed in strident or eccentric fashion.

He does not understand that he is responsible for what others think or do

Do not try to encourage your child to behave or dress as they would like others to do or to be held responsible for what those around them are saying or thinking. Teach him to know himself better and to always do things or to dress as he feels and likes, of course, being careful to respect the appropriate norms and limits in society.

It did not associate modesty with beauty

Modesty does not make you more beautiful and has nothing to do with aesthetics. Modesty is rather related to the respect the child has for himself, but also for those around him: from the way he dresses, talks, reacts to the problems of others, etc. Many parents try to convey to their children the idea that modesty is a desirable quality by associating it with the beautiful. But beauty is relative, while modesty is not.

He did not associate modesty with a certain gender

Do not try to discriminate on the basis of sex when it comes to modesty, as it is equally desirable for both sexes. Do not try to promote the idea that girls should be more modest in character than boys. It is advisable to promote modesty as a virtue that every man must master and value in his life, whether it is a woman or a man.

Do not expect the little one to be modest, if you are not

The child learns most easily what it means to be modest through the power of example. Therefore, it is important to be a positive role model in this regard: to always have common sense, to respect your neighbor, regardless of the situation, and to respect yourself long enough to not put yourself in compromising or dishonest situations. Also, it is important to never be dissatisfied with what you do, not to declare yourself better or superior to others and not to offend anyone.

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